Out of the mouths of babes, right I can safely say the majority of these kids are smarter than me.
1. On math: On math:

2. On future goals: On future goals:

3. On fish: On fish:

4. On Santa Claus: On Santa Claus:

Source:?i.imgur.com 5. On brothers: On brothers:

6. On sisters: On sisters:

7. On mortality: On mortality:

8. On fairy tales: On fairy tales:

9. On the force: On the force:

10. On JFK: On JFK:

11. On Lyndon Johnson: On Lyndon Johnson:

12. On human anatomy: On human anatomy:

Source:?i.imgur.com 13. On OJ: On OJ:

14. On pumpkins: On pumpkins:

15. On excuses: On excuses:

16. On zombies: On zombies:

17. On tricks: On tricks:

18. On apologies: On apologies:

19. On teacher preferences: On teacher preferences:

20. On unicorns: On unicorns:

21. On writing: On writing:

22. On dogs: On dogs:

23. On camels: On camels: