A Twilight Wedding Is One Thing, But Copying The Wedding Night Bed Is Taking It Too Far

Last year, we wrote about Twihards who faked engagements so that they could try on Bella Swan’s replica wedding dress. But in the case of newlywed Abigail Cullen – oh, yes — the dress is just the beginning. Abigail’s dream wedding was to pay homage to Bella and Edward’s fairytale nuptials in Breaking Dawn, Part 1, and her wonderful husband Andy went along with everything. Including legally changing his surname to Cullen. (There’s a funny note in the article where it says “the couple wanted to share their marital last name, but Abby wasn’t particularly fond of his former surname.” What could it have been? Forks? Volturi? Black?)

Although Abigail wore a traditional wedding dress for the ceremony, she changed into the backless Bella number (and matching hair clip) for the reception, which featured a cake that resembled the one from the film. Here’s where the story starts to slide away from “let her have the wedding she wants” to wondering if she ever envisioned a wedding that was unique to her at all: Their first dance as a couple was to Iron & Wine‘s “Flightless Bird, American Mouth (Wedding Version)”… just like Bella and Edward.

But the crowning moment is the above photo of Abigail posing next to their wedding bed. Yep, they found a four-poster bed similar to the one that Edward rips apart during his lukewarm sex scene with his new wife. It’s unclear if Abigail is just vamping for the camera and came across this bed at their reception hall, or if she and her husband consummated the marriage in it. The former would show that she has a sense of humor about all this; the latter would give us cause to worry.

I get it—when I saw my cousin’s wedding a few years back, I realized that I wanted almost every single detail of her special day. I’m nowhere near planning my own nuptials, but I know that whenever that day comes I’ll be thinking back fondly to her reception in a farm and yellow flower color scheme. But I’ll also consider what flowers and spaces best fit my personality and my future husband’s. I’m sure that Abigail is happy with how her day went, and that’s obviously the most important part. I just hope that in her married life she’s Abigail Cullen, not Bella Cullen.