“I thought, uh oh this is bad, bad, bad, bad”: Adorable five-year-old girl on giving her sister, three, a disastrous lopsided haircut

A five-year-old girl has described how an effort to cut her little sister”s long locks turned into a haircut disaster.

In an audio recorded by her father, WNPR reporter Jeff Cohen, Sadie, from Hartford, Connecticut, said she had only meant to trim three-year-old Eva”s curls.

The task was harder than she thought, though, and the result was a short bob on one side, and long on the other.

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Haircut disaster

Oops… Three-year-old Eva was given a lopsided haircut by her sister Sadie, five, after complaining that her long locks were itching her hips

Attempting to explain the sequence of events, Sadie told her father: “I climbed up in the bathroom to get the scissors… and I just started ch-ch-ch, and it was so so hard to cut!

“I was like la-la-la-la… That”s how it made the long piece and then the short piece.”

She admits that she didn”t expect things to go quite so wrong though.

“When I was finished and I put the scissors back and I was like uh oh this is bad, bad, bad, bad,” she said.

Little Eva admits that she had wanted to get her hair cut because it was “really itching her hips… But I really wanted a hair cutter to cut it.”

But it seems she was not to distressed by the lopsided look, at least, not until she showed her mother.

“I said, “I got my hair cut, Mommy, isn”t it nice”” she recalled. “And Mama looked at it and she said [gasp]”

“I climbed up in the bathroom to get the scissors… and I just started ch-ch-ch, and it was so so hard to cut!”

Yelling and crying ensued, according to the mischievous pair, and exclamations of: “Sadie, Eva, what were you thinking!”

“I said Sadie cut my hair,” Eva continued.

“But I told you not to,” Sadie cut in, adding that she hadn”t expected her parents to love the cut, but “I didn”t know you were going to scream like that.”

In an attempt to justify her actions, Sadie explained the risks of having such long hair.

“It was almost about down to her tush!” she exclaimed. “And if she grew it any any longer, when she wiped her butt, her hair would, like go into the toilet. And it would be gross.”

Somewhat wiser from the experience, she warned: “Hair cutting takes a lot of concentration.”

But, she added, “everyone does that kind of stuff sometimes. It happens likeonce, or twice, or three times in every life… or twice… or once.”