Boy, 4, left in agony after nurse leaves broken needle in his leg during pre-school injection
Father questioned where tip of needle had gone but nurse told him the needles never snappedNext day father took his son to hospital where X-ray confirmed needle under the skin


12:48 GMT, 6 August 2012



12:59 GMT, 6 August 2012

A father is suing the NHS after a nurse left a broken needle in his four-year-old son's leg.

Eesa Shafiq was in agony after the 2cm-long sliver of metal was left in his left thigh after a routine jab to prevent against childhood diseases.

Hours later the boy’s leg became stiff and he could hardly move.

Mr Shafiq with his son Eesa who is now afraid of doctors

Mr Shafiq with his son Eesa who is now afraid of doctors

The next day his father Shanwazcoor took Eesa to hospital where an X-ray revealed the needle was still in his leg.

He had a two hour operation to have the needle removed and today Eesa is recovering at his home in Woodthorpe, Nottingham.

Restaurant owner Mr Shafiq is now suing the NHS Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire County for negligence.

He said: 'It is appalling that my son was allowed to have a piece of needle in his leg.

'I was with him when the nurse gave him the injection. When she removed it from his thigh the tip of the needle was not there and I said ‘is it still in his leg’

'She looked at me and told me she’d been a nurse for 20 years and these needles never snap.

'I asked her where the needle was if it wasn’t in my son’s leg and she called for a doctor.

'The doctor came in and they were looking around on the floor for the needle, with torches out. They said it was unlikely the needle was in his leg.

The needle which was left in Eesa's leg, leaving it stiff and sore

The needle which was left in Eesa's leg, leaving it stiff and sore

'They said they couldn’t find the needle and wanted to give him a second jab. I saw her lining the other injection up but I wasn’t going to let that happen.

'They sent us on our way and said we could go to hospital for an X-ray if we wanted.

'I thought they would have called for an ambulance to help us. Eesa could hardly walk and was crying his eyes out with the pain.'

The needle became lodged in Eesa when he had a single injection to prevent against diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough and polio at Sherwood Health Centre in Nottingham last week.

The next day Mr Shafiq became so concerned about his son he took him to the Queen’s Medical Centre (QMC) where an X-ray confirmed the needle was still inside Eesa.

He added: 'I couldn’t believe it when I saw the X-ray. Who knows what kind of long term damage it could have caused if it had been allowed to stay inside his thigh.

“The nurse and the doctor should be disciplined and retrained before they treat any other patient, especially young children.

'Eesa has been left traumatised by this horrific mistake. He suffers nightmares and says he never wants to see a doctor again.'

The family have now made an official complaint and have instructed solicitors to begin a medical negligence claim.

Mr Shafiq added: 'It is ridiculous to think my son can go in for these booster jabs and then end up in hospital.

'It has been a shocking experience for my son. Everyone including the hospital has said they haven’t heard of it happening before.

'We’re pleased to now have him back home. But it should never have come to this.'

A spokesperson for NHS Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire County said: 'It would not be appropriate for us to comment publicly about this case for reasons of patient confidentiality, but we would always encourage any patient who is unhappy with the treatment they have received to contact their GP practice directly or use the NHS Nottingham City PALS and complaints service.

'We can then work with them to properly understand, investigate and resolve any concerns or issues they may have.'

No one from the Sherwood Health Centre was prepared to comment.