In a week in which scientists warned that eating even a small amount of red meat regularly will increase your risk of dying from heart disease, “The Beast” is sure to get nutritionists in a lather.

The gigantic burger tips the scales at 15lbs and contains 18,000 calories – more than the recommended weekly allowance for a man.

Dubbed Britain”s biggest burger, it is a challenge for even the hungriest customer, packing seven pounds of beef, nine rashers of bacon and nine slices of cheese into a 12-inch bun.

Beefy burger: Peckish punter Nicholas Hitchens tackles The Beast as proprietor Vas Herodotou looks on

Food to relish: The super snack weighs a whopping 15 pounds and contains almost 7lb of beef, nine rashers of bacon and nine slices of cheese

Mouthy customer: The burger – which is 12in in diameter – comes with a plentiful 1lb of chips and is garnished with a whole lettuce

Just in case that isn”t quite enough food, the snack from Burgers at Blacks in South London comes with a gigantic one-pound pile of chips.


6lbs (30cm) diameter bun – 6016 calories
6lbs (10oz) beef burger – 8771.7 calories
1lb chips – 1204 calories
Whole Lettuce – 150 calories
3 tomatoes – 66 calories
9 slices mature cheddar cheese – 912 calories
9 rashers of bacon – 576 calories
Mayo, tomato relish & dill pickles – 25 calories

Total: 17,720 calories

Price 40

For garnish, this monster meal is beefed up with a whole lettuce and three tomatoes.

It does all add up to a rather pricey 40 – but punters who do not need to eat again for seven days may see it as a bargain burger.

Creator Vas Herodotou, owner of the Purley restaurant, says the newly launched super-snack is the ultimate challenge for famished foodies.

He said: “I’ve done my research, scoured the internet. There is a place over in Norwich which held the title with 3kg of meat, but ours is a smidgeon over that.

“We spoke to some of our customers and we already have a huge list of people who want to give it a go. You know what us lads are like, we can’t resist a challenge, but I don’t think there is anyone out there who can finish it.”

Great place to meat: The monster meal from Burgers at Blacks contains 18,000 calories – the recommended weekly allowance for a man

He has now issued a call to daring diners to try to beat The Beast in just an hour.

The meat is so heavy Mr Herodotou had to commission a bakery to specially make the 30cm diameter bap, with thicker flour to hold it.

Those who are ready to take on the challenge are asked to give the restaurant 24 hours” notice, as the chefs need time to craft the culinary behemoth.

Mr Herodotou and his wife Mary, from Sanderstead, have run a series of restaurants before opening Burgers at Blacks at the start of the year.

He said: “I’ve run Italian, Greek, continental restaurants, but I wanted a new challenge.

Biggest breakfast: Diner boss Martin Smith and employee Ruth Pettinghill show off their filling 15 fry-up

“There are a few premium burger places out there but I’m confident we can bring something new and hopefully branch out in the future.”

The Beast is not the first extra-large plate to hit tables this year.

In January, health experts were horrified by the launch of the The Kidz Breakfast at Jesters Diner in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.

It comprises 12 rashers of bacon, 12 sausages and six eggs and weighs around 9lb – 1lb 5oz more than the average newborn baby.

But Burgers at Blacks are ignoring the critics and forging ahead with their gut-busting scheme.

Customers who beat The Beast will win a place in the restaurant’s hall of fame.