Broken Britons: How average person suffers 9,672 ailments in a lifetime
We suffer 11 headaches and six tummy bugs every year



08:17 GMT, 23 May 2012

If you are a bit of a hypochondriac it's best to look away now – new research has revealed the average Briton suffers 9,672 ailments and injuries in their lifetime.

From headaches to bad backs and tummy bugs, sickly Brits experience 124 incidents of ill health every year.

They can also expect to endure at least three sore throats, four cases of heartburn and four cricked necks every 12 months.

We suffer an average 11 headaches every year along with 36 bumps and bruises

We suffer an average 11 headaches every year along with 36 bumps and bruises

Additionally they will suffer five cuts, five cramps and six upset stomachs meaning they will be in some sort of pain almost once every three days.

The tally emerged following a study of 2,000 people, by the Benenden Healthcare Society.

We can also expect to experience two shaving cuts and three stubbed toes annually, while any complaining will be muted by biting our tongue three times and losing our voice at least once.

As if that wasn't enough we'll also face 78 nosebleeds in our lifetime, trip over 234 times and grimace through 156 bouts of blisters.


AILMENTCASESBumps and bruises
Back pain10Stomach upsets6Cramp
5Cuts5Heart burn4Cricked neck4Blocked sinuses4Shaving cut3

We will also face 156 cases of ear ache in a lifetime and 78 eye infections.

More serious sickness will lead to three hospital visits and two surgeries.

One in four Britons described themselves as accident prone with half having banged their head getting out of the car while a quarter have been bitten by a pet or trodden on a plug.

Lawrence Christensen from Benenden, said: 'Even without the threat of serious health conditions, the average human body takes an awful battering day-to-day, which demonstrates why life just isn't designed to be easy.

'Whilst it's unnecessary to suddenly develop a hypochondriac attitude to life, be sure to visit your GP if you do feel you are experiencing higher-than-average occurrences of ailments such as sore throats, stomach upsets and back pain.'

He advised washing hands regularly, maintaining good posture, eating healthily and exercising to stay fit and well.