Buckle up for the worst in-flight meals in the skies: Disgusted passengers share photos of their airline food disasters

The on-board service for plane passengers has improved immeasurably over the years.

These days fliers typically have more precious leg-room, the latest Hollywood blockbusters on demand and – for the lucky few in first class – the unbridled joy of fully-reclining seats.

But despite all this progress, airline food can still be the stuff of gastronomic nightmares, as these stomach-churning photos show.


Unidentifiable: An Air Botswana passenger had trouble describing this grim-looking meal….”Meat something with vegetable something”, was their suggestion


Underwhelming: A vegetarian passenger was unimpressed with this dubious cheese omelet offered up on a United/Continental flight

When it comes to their culinary offerings airlines have never had the best of reputations. Indeed, for some, just hearing the words ‘in-flight food’ can be enough to make them involuntarily wretch and reach for those paper sick bags from the seat in front.

Disgruntled fliers fed up with the ubiquitous solid bread roll, unidentifiable slab of meat and tasteless helping of desert are increasingly sharing photos of the dodgy food they”ve been served online.

AirlineMeals is one such site where passengers post pictures of their grim-looking meals, mark them out of ten and name and shame the airlines.

Marco ‘t Hart, who set up the AirlineMeals ten years ago, told CNN that the site became successful because of the unpopularity of certain foods.

Now the site has more than 26,000 photographs of meals – both foul and fantastic – snapped on 600 plus airlines.


Foul: When it comes to food airlines have never had the best of reputations but this meal served on a Estonian Air flight looks especially offensive


Repeat offender: It seems cheese omelets should be kept off airlines” menus. The passenger served this on an Ukraine International flight decided to steer free of the sausage too


Suspicious: “The salmon was the same age as my grandma”, a disgruntled Aeroflot passenger wrote about this meal

However, this selection of photographs showcases some of the grimmest grub on offer. From ancient looking slabs of salmon to congealed meat stews, these airline meals look spectacularly awful.

One flier, who uploaded a photo to AirlineMeals, vented their fury about Estonian Air food: “What was in the meal Very good question! Starter: cold rice with a few peas, sweet corn, and olive skin. Main course: I believe it was cold Baltic herring (those three pieces of gray, slimy things on the left), potato salad (recycled, I think), lettuce (left by the snails as being inedible), piece of tomato ( for color), bread roll (warm on arrival, but overdone in microwave, so solid within a few minutes). Dessert: able to break this stodgy, doughy thing into pieces, but no flavor at all, so not sure what it was supposed to be.

One far-from-satisfied passenger had trouble describing their meal on a Air Botswana flight: “Meat something with vegetable something. […] The drink was some fluorescent green soda.”


Questionable: “It”s supposed to be aubergine, I guess. Coffee came right out of the engine, undrinkable,” an Alitalia passenger wrote about this meal


I think I”ll pass, thanks: An Alitalia passenger served this meal wrote,”The menu sounded fantastic and the crew did their best to offer good service, however, that did not make up for the poor quality of the meal, which was cold and tasteless”

Another flier, this one was jetting from Moscow to Malta on Aeroflot, photographed a suspicious-looking salmon main course. They wrote: “The worst I’ve had from Aeroflot. The salmon was the same age as my grandma . . . lunch was poor and not fresh. HORRIBLE!”

Besides a particularly gross looking meal, a Ukraine International passenger wrote: “The most striking thing about this meal was the lurid yellow color of the omelet. Decidedly unnatural, but perhaps this was the caterer’s attempt to support the Orange Revolution in Kiev. Sausage was pure plastic, so I didn’t touch it—and I wasn’t sure why it was split down the middle . . . to reveal its meat-free content perhaps”


Naming and shaming: Airlinemeals is a site where passengers post pictures of their grim-looking meals, mark them out of ten and name and shame the offending airlines


Foul fry-up: Slimy bacon Check. Solidified scrambled egg Check. Soggy sausage Check.


Unappetizing: This meal seemingly goes for quantity over quality


Dodgy: Looking on the bright side, at least the little portion of Greek salad looks edible


Unappealing: This looks like something a drunken student would wolf down after a night out..