Calming angry patients and mopping up sick: New advert shows what nursing is REALLY like
‘We are showing reality of nursing’ says Union chiefAdvert highlights difficult circumstances nurses must often work in
Follows negative publicity about patient neglect

Coping with an angry, arm-waving patient or clearing up a pool of sick might not seem like the best way to sell a job. But the Royal College of Nursing have launched a recruitment video showing just that.

The hard-hitting advertisement campaign shows both how rewarding – and demanding – the profession can be.

‘This is where inspiration is met by frustration and where courage must outweigh fear,’ reads one of the stark captions.

Alongside the negative images is footage that shows nurses caring for prematurely born babies, administering drips and providing comfort to patients from all walks of life.


Angry patient

clearing up sick

Downside: Dealing with angry patients (left) and clearing up sick (right) are just two challenging tasks

The RCN said it wanted to challenge the negative publicity about patient neglect and poor conditions.

RCN Chief Executive Dr Peter Carter, said: ‘What we are doing today is showing the reality of nursing and how it takes both professionalism and compassion to be a nurse.

‘It’s time to celebrate the outstanding work nurses do on a daily basis, often in extremely difficult situations. We have all read the critical coverage of the nursing profession and we would never shy away from the cases of poor care when they exist.

‘However, when poor care does exist, there are often systematic reasons behind it. This is nursing will also explore what these factors are and how they can be tackled.’

The Patients Association says the bulk
of calls to its helpline relate to poor nursing care. Complaints include
not being fed or watered, receiving inadequate pain relief and not
being treated with dignity. It says the solution is to boost numbers of
support staff.

One of the new adverts that focuses on how nursing combines expertise with caring

On the buses: One of the new adverts that focuses on how nursing combines expertise with caring

Happy nurse

caring nurse

The video also shows the positive side of nursing – support from colleagues and compassionate care

The video is part of the This is Nursing campaign and appears on a new website created to give patients an insight into nursing.

Visitors can log on to see how nurses and health care support workers operate in different settings throughout a typical day.

Campaign posters will also appear on buses across the UK. One shows an image of a nurse smiling at a child with the tagline: ‘It took skill and expertise to save Emma’s life. And compassion to make her smile again.’

Meanwhile the initiative will look at the challenges faced by nurses in delivering good care and will look at seven key areas. These include staffing levels, professional attitudes, leadership, health care assistants, paperwork, education and principles of nursing.

Dr Carter added: ‘This is nursing aims to paints an honest, realistic picture of modern day nursing. From the start of life until the very end, nurses are always there to support and care for patients.

This initiative aims to salute that work and ensure the wider public is aware of just how valuable this profession is.’