Counterfeit condoms put consumers at risk of STIs as millions are imported over the last 18 months

Millions of fake condoms smuggled into UK over last 18 months raising risk of STIs
Fake condoms from Far East use cheaper materials that burst more easilyMHRA has employed sniffer dogs trained to spot counterfeit condoms

, 1.5m worth of counterfeit condoms were seized at Heathrow Airport, with a similar amount found in Yorkshire.

The MHRA have employed the help of the UK's first sniffer dogs trained to try to tackle the problem.

Paul Maddox is responsible for the
dogs' training. He told the BBC: 'I was really surprised when I found
out about the problem. I've heard about counterfeit medicines but I
never thought condoms would ever be an issue.

we've trained the dogs up we managed to find a chink in the
counterfeiters' armour and we've exploited that. That's why the dogs
have been successful.'

But while the dogs can tell the difference, authorities are worried unwary shoppers could easily fall for the realistic fakes and want to raise awareness of the issue.