Couples lose 90 minutes of sleep a week bickering in bed about snoring, fidgeting and passing wind
More than a quarter of British couples argue in bed three times a week, each argument lasts 30 minutesArguments are caused by fidgeting, snoring, hogging the duvet and not being in the mood for sexWorst bickerers are in Birmingham and Manchester

Emma Innes


16:14 GMT, 27 February 2013



18:59 GMT, 27 February 2013

Fidgeting, snoring, passing wind and hogging the duvet – the list of things that couples argue about in bed is endless.

More than a quarter of British couples spend so much time bickering between the sheets that they are losing an average of 90 minutes sleep each week, new research suggests.

The problem is so big that the sleep loss builds up to three full days of missed sleep during a year.

A quarter of British couples spend so much time bickering in bed that they lose 90 minutes sleep each week

A quarter of British couples spend so much time bickering in bed that they lose 90 minutes sleep each week

The research by hotel chain Travelodge also revealed that couples in Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow are the worst bedtime bickerers – in Birmingham couples lose as much as three hours and 20 minutes sleep a week because of arguments.

The survey of 2,000 British couples also discovered that 26 per cent argue in bed at least three times a week and that each squabble lasts about 30 minutes.

The biggest cause of the arguments is fidgeting, with a fifth of Britons reporting that their partner regularly interrupts their sleep with restlessness and twitchy movements.




Different body temperate

Hogging the duvet

Not being in the mood for sex

Passing wind in bed

Partner keeping the light on

Watching TV while partner wants to sleep

The time couples go to bed

Allowing children or a pet to share the bed

The second most common cause of
fights is snoring – 16 per cent of couples stated that they argue about
it – and men were revealed to be the worst offenders.

The survey also found that couples
argue about incompatible body temperatures, duvet hogging, not being in
the mood for sex, passing wind, allowing pets into the bed and leaving
the light on.

Corinne Sweet, relationship psychologist, said: ‘Bedtime bickering is a serious issue that needs to be addressed immediately.

‘Ignoring the issue will result in regular bursts of poor quality of sleep, increased stress levels and loss of immunity.

‘So serious is this problem that over an average relationship period of twenty years, British couples could lose two months sleep which does not make for long term bliss.’

She added: ‘My advice is that bickering couples should make time and have an open and honest discussion with their partner about their annoying sleeping habits.

‘It is only by having a frank conversation can they really work through the issues and identify a workable solution.’