DePuy "sold toxic hip implants despite knowing they could be dangerous for THREE YEARS"

Toxic hip implants sold by Johnson & Johnson subsidiary 'which knew for THREE YEARS that they could be dangerous'
DePuy marketed metal-on-metal implants 'despite surgeon's warnings'Hips failed after 2.5 yrs far more regularly than other models, tests foundThey were suspected of causing potentially toxic metal to get into bloodRevelations on warnings come in Los Angeles compensation court case

year the Medicines and Healthcare Products
Regulatory Agency (MHRA) issued an alert to the NHS on a
wide range of 'metal on metal' implants, saying there was a ‘small risk’ they could cause
complications in patients.

Hip replacements involve a ball,
socket and stem. The alert related to those whose replacements have a
ball with a diameter of 36mm or more.

65,000 people in the UK have received metal on metal hip implants since
2003, of whom 49,000 were given the ‘large-head’ implants. They were told they should have
annual tests on blood ion levels while those with symptoms will also
need annual MRI scans.

Today, the MHRA told Mail Online: 'The majority of patients who receive metal on metal hip implants have well functioning hips and are at a low risk of developing any serious problems.

'We acted quickly in 2010 to alert healthcare professionals that patients with ASR implants need to be closely monitored following the recall of all ASR products in the UK by the manufacturer DePuy in August 2010.

'The MHRA is continuing to monitor the performance of all hip implants through the National Joint Registry and we work closely with our expert orthopaedic advisory group to ensure that patients are protected from unsafe hips. If patients have any concerns, they should speak to their orthopaedic surgeon.'