Durex creates new blood-flow boosting condom that gives men a welcome lift

A new Durex condom containing a patented gel has been found to give men a welcome lift and help sex last longer

A new Durex condom containing a patented gel has been found to give men a welcome lift and help sex last longer

It”s a brand new product sure to bring a smile to the faces of many a couple. Durex is close to releasing a new condom that will help men last longer during sex.

The condom contains a dose of patented gel inside the tip, which rapidly permeates the skin to boost blood flow thus giving men a welcome lift.

The Zanifil gel is based on the chemical nitroglycerin that was used to treat chest painand heart failure since the 19th century. The drug widens the blood vessels by relaxing the muscles in the vessel walls, increasing blood flow.

“It’s essentially Viagra in a condom,” Daniel Mahony told Bloomberg. The investment fund manager has shares in Futura – the British company that developed Zanifil.

However, unlike Pfizer”s Viagra, the condom will be available to buy without a doctor”s prescription. There is no word yet from Durex on how much a packet will set you back.

The condom known as CSD500 was awarded a CE mark in August this year, which means it can be sold across Europe in the same way as conventional condoms.

It followed a double blind clinical trial that compared the CSD500 to a standard condom. A significant proportion of testers reported improvements in their erection and penis size when using the new product, while many women reported a longer-lasting sexual experience.

The condom is likely to be big business for both Futura and distributor Reckitt Benckiser, which owns Durex. Sales of Viagra have rocketed to 1.2billion since it was launched as a drug for erectile dysfunction in 1998.

A spokesman for Futura said: “The commercial potential of CSD500 is obvious with one in 10 men in the world having erectile dysfunction.

“However, CSD500 differs from erectile dysfunction drugs like Viagra because it is specifically aimed at men who struggle to maintain an erection whilst wearing a condom.”

They added that the product would encourage men to use protection and help curb the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.