'They robbed him of his life': Fiona Phillips on how her father suffering from Alzheimer's was 'crushed' by drugs
'He was like something out of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest'Miss Phillips says drugs left her father 'totally out of it'

TV presenter Fiona Phillips endured the heartache of watching both her parents succumb to Alzheimer's.

Now just 20 days after the death of her father Neville, she has revealed her fury over the treatment he received by the medical system during his final weeks.

Miss Phillips, 51, said her 'lovely dad' had been 'robbed' of both his personality and laughter after he was put on a list of powerful drugs that covered two sides of A4 paper in December 2011.


Tragic: Fiona, second from right, with her mother Amy who died in 2006 and father Neville who died in 2012


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Fiona quit her role as GMTV presenter after 12 years to spend more time with her family

'He shouldn't have gone. Not then,' she told the newspaper.

'I wish I'd done more at the time to say, “He's not taking those bloody drugs.”'

Miss Phillips says she does not want to have a DNA test which could tell her whether she is likely to develop the disease.

In an interview last month, she said:
‘I couldn’t get the Alzheimer’s results. I’ve witnessed it first hand –
it’s a horrible, slow and lingering death.

‘The treatment is still not up to scratch and a cure is years away.

‘It’s a very frightening disease and there’s not much you can do to prepare for it.

‘I decided there was no point in getting the results when it would just be a cloud hanging over me for the rest of my life.

‘If I knew there was a high probability I would get it, that would affect not just my life, but my family’s too.’

Miss Phillips is married to TV executive Martin Frizell and they have two sons, Nathaniel, 12, and Mackenzie, nine.

her father’s diagnosis, she became a patron of the Alzheimer’s Society
and Age Concern and has campaigned for better support for the carers of
dementia sufferers.

2009, she presented a Channel 4 Dispatches programme about her father’s
slow degeneration and wrote a book, Before I Forget, which chronicled
their relationship.

For more information and support for dementia visit the Alzheimer's Society website at www.alzheimers.org.uk or phone their helpline on 0845 300 0336