Killed by a BEDSORE: Retired teacher died after 'below standard' treatment at NHS hospital



11:13 GMT, 17 July 2012

A grandmother was killed by a bedsore after receiving 'below standard' treatment at an NHS hospital.

Retired teacher Eileen Cliggett, 79, was sent home from hospital with a bedsore after being laid up for a week.

She was re-admitted to hospital a month later when the sore became severely infected – and died a few days later on August 17. Her official cause of death was recorded as a pressure sore.

Brenda Cliggett with her mother Eileen, pictured in 2006

Brenda Cliggett with her mother Eileen, pictured in 2006

Health chiefs have now apologised to Mrs Cliggett's family for the substandard care she received at the Llandough Hospital in Cardiff.

Her daughter Brenda Cliggett, 52, said: 'I cannot believe in this day and age that a hospital allowed pressure sores to develop to such an extent my mother lost her life.

'I was shocked when I first saw the extent of my mother's injuries.

'I have not been able to look at the photographs of the pressure sores since.

'What happened to my my mother should not be allowed to happen to anyone, particularly when in the care of hospital staff.'

Retired teacher Mrs Cliggett was admitted to hospital for a hysterectomy following cancer in June 2011.

She was given an epidural anaesthetic and had to stay in bed for a week. She was discharged two weeks after the operation.

Management consultant Ms Cliggett said: 'A risk assessment was carried out but the appropriate NHS procedures to prevent bed sores were not taken.

'My mother was poorly treated and when we raised concerns they were not addressed. I feel completely let down by the hospital.

'I sincerely hope that lessons are learned so that other patients do not suffer from pressure sores.'

Brenda Cliggett said her mother had been let down by the hospital

Angry: Brenda Cliggett said her mother had been let down by the hospital

Ms Cliggett said it was only when her mother was visited by a district nurse that the sore was flagged up to the family.

However, photographs taken of her mother four days before she was discharged 'clearly showed' a severe pressure sore.

The Cardiff and Vale University Health Board admitted mistakes were made in the care of widow Mrs Cliggett.

A spokesman said: 'We would like to reassure the family and the public that a thorough investigation was carried out using the multi-agency approach provided by the Protection of Vulnerable Adults process.

'This has led to changes in how we work including how we prevent and reduce pressure ulcers.

'The health board offers its sincere apologies to Ms Cliggett over the care of her mother Eileen which we acknowledge was not acceptable and below the high standards we set for all our patients.'