Happy birthday to the twins who survived odds of millions to one to be born two years apart

Twins Lexi and Ruaridh Dalgleish are celebrating their birthday today – but while there will be four candles on Lexi’s cake, her brother will have half as many.

Despite being conceived from the same batch of embryos, the twins were born two years apart. And against all the odds, the pair share a birthday.

Lexi was born on December 27, 2007, following fertility treatment.

Double celebration: Ruaridh, two, with his twin sister Lexi, four, and their mother Hazel Dalgleish

Double celebration: Ruaridh, two, with his twin sister Lexi, four, and their mother Hazel Dalgleish

The remaining embryos from the IVF process were frozen until parents Hazel, 29, and Barry, 45, decided to try for another child in 2009.

Against odds of ‘millions to one’, Ruaridh arrived on December 27, 2009, exactly two years after his twin sister.

And to make the day all the more special for the family, the twins also share their birthday with grandmother Joyce, who is turning 58.

Mrs Dalgleish said: ‘We can’t believe that, although our twins share a birthday, they have been born exactly two years apart.

‘And the fact that they share my mum’s birthday too is the icing on the cake.’

Close bond: The pair in January 2010

Close bond: The pair in January 2010

Far from planning the timing of the births, Mrs Dalgleish, who works as an administration assistant, and her husband, a crane operator, said both children arrived early.

Mrs Dalgleish was just 27 weeks pregnant with Lexi when her waters broke. ‘The pregnancy had gone so well up until then, then all of a sudden our baby’s life was in danger,’ she said.

‘The doctors told us that the baby stood a better chance of survival if she was delivered as all the amniotic fluid had gone from my womb, so we knew that there was no choice.’

Lexi weighed just 2lb 3oz when she was born by emergency Caesarean. She had several blood transfusions and spent two weeks in intensive care and a further six weeks in hospital before she was allowed home.

Two years later, her brother arrived three weeks early, weighing 7lb 2oz. Mrs Dalgleish, from Sanquhar, near Dumfries, said: ‘We just couldn’t believe it when my waters broke. It was Lexi’s birthday and we realised then that Ruaridh was going to be born on exactly the same day.

‘There is a very strong bond between them. It was as if Ruaridh was determined to arrive on exactly the same date as his twin sister.’

Philip Lowe, reproductive consultant at CARE Fertility, said: ‘The chances of the babies being born on the same date must be millions to one.’