Heart attack on a plate: What not to eat at big chains… including JD Wetherspoon's gut-busting 2,000-calorie mixed grill

It's enough to send your doctor’s blood pressure soaring, not to mention your own.

This massive mixed grill – which includes gammon, rump and pork steaks, lamb chops, chips, a fried egg, six beer-battered onion rings and two pork sausages – has been exposed as the unhealthiest dish in the country.

The pub chain JD Wetherspoon serves around 12,000 of the 10.49 grills every week. However, at almost 2,000 calories, it would provide nearly all of a woman’s recommended maximum intake on a single plate.

The worst - and best - choices for healthy living

It also contains 42g of saturated fat, more than double the maximum recommended for an adult in a day. And the salt level of 6.2g is also over the daily limit. Consuming too much salt increases the risk of having high blood pressure and a stroke.

The meal is named and shamed as the worst of those provided in leading chains in Eat This, Not That!, which is published by Hearst-Rodale.

The book is a guide to ‘food swapping’ and how we can protect our health and waistlines by making sensible choices when eating out.

With one in four Britons obese, and at significant risk of heart disease and diabetes, we need all the help we can get.

The guide, which also looks at Pret A Manger, Costa, Caf Rouge, Strada and Prezzo, makes clear that healthy options are on the menus as well.

For example, while the Wetherspoon grill comes in at 1,940 calories, it also offers a jacket potato and five-bean chilli, which is just 575 calories and has only 1.2g of saturated fat.

That amounts to a calorie saving of 1,365 calories and a saturated fat reduction of more than 40g.

Rouge alert: One of the chain's salads contains 1040 calories

Rouge alert: One of the chain's salads contains 1,040 calories

While salads are generally considered a healthy option, the guide warns against choosing the salade paysanne at Caf Rouge.

It may be made up largely of healthy-sounding lettuce and chargrilled chicken breast, but the size of the portion and inclusion of bacon, avocado and a lemon dressing pushes up the calorie count to 1,040.

The restaurant’s beef bourguignon, however, has 291 fewer calories – just 749.

Tom Stone, editor of the guide, said: ‘Every restaurant has some menu items that are nutritional nightmares.

'We show readers what they should be avoiding, but also offer healthy alternatives.’

Wetherspoon spokesman Eddie Gershon said: ‘We do not hide behind the fact the large mixed grill is high in calories.

'But there are numerous other meals on the menu, including a number of lower fat and healthy options.’

This, Not That! can be purchased online
now for 9.99 at www.hearstsubs.co.uk/mh/bk79