“I will never see my kids” faces again”: Tears of mother blinded by boyfriend who GOUGED both of her eyes outTina Nash was subjected to “sickening” 12-hour assault while her two children were in homeShe was also left with a broken nose and jaw in an attack described as “the most harrowing” police had seenThe 32-year-old said the worst thing was not being able to see her childrenShe had suffered abuse at Shane Jenkin”s hands before but had helped him get out of jail
Mother of two said she hoped her attacker was not “buzzing” at the thought he was the last person she sawJenkin had “Outlaw” tattooed on his arm and was serving a five-year ban from pubs in the area for drunken violence

A thug has admitted blinding his lover in a sickening 12-hour attack.

Mother-of-two Tina Nash, 31, had her eyes gouged out and was brutally beaten in the assault.

Yesterday she told of her heart-break at never being able to see her children again.

Tina after the attack Tina Nash before the attack

Devastated: Tina Nash, pictured left speaking out today, and right before the attack, said she missed “the things people take for granted” like seeing the sea and sky

The horrific attack by Shane Jenkin left her feeling as if she had been ‘buried alive’.

Miss Nash, who has sons aged four and 14, said: ‘He has taken everything from me and robbed me of one of the most precious things in life – my sight.

‘I actually look forward to going to sleep because in my dreams I have sight. It’s when I wake up that the truth hits home.

‘I feel like I have been buried alive.I feel like a ghost. I can hear everyone but I can’t even see my kids’ faces. That is really harsh.

Vile: Shane Jenkin, 33, assaulted his girlfriend in a

Vile: Shane Jenkin, 33, assaulted his girlfriend in a “premeditated and vicious attack”

‘I actually wish I wasn’t here. I miss the world, my kids’ faces, I miss everything.

‘Some days I just don’t want to get up but I’m determined to provide a future for my children and this is my motivation.’

Jenkin, 33, who had regularly assaulted Miss Nash on previous occasions, attacked her while she was asleep at her home in Hayle, Cornwall, last April. He broke her nose andjaw, throttled her until she was unconscious, and then gouged out her eyes.

Miss Nash recalled: ‘He was blaming me, saying, “It’s all your fault – I am going to do years for this”.’

She had several operations over four weeks of hospital treatment but surgeons could not save her eyes.

She said she had thought she could change Jenkin’s violent behaviour but warned other victims of domestic violence to get out ‘before it is too late’. She added: ‘It’s not going to get better, it’s going to get worse.’

Miss Nash, described by a relative as ‘friendly, bubbly and outgoing’, had helped win Jenkin’s release from jail for previous offences.

‘I’ve done so much for him and this is how he’s repaid me,’ she said.

Miss Nash thanked her friends and family for their ‘amazing support’ in an emotional interview yesterday after attending Truro Crown Court to hear Jenkin, of Hayle, plead guiltyto grievous bodily harm with intent. Originally charged with attempted murder, he was remanded in custody and will be sentenced next month.

The brief hearing did not reveal details of what led to the assault. It is understood the couple had beenout drinking earlier that evening, and that Miss Nash’s children were asleep in the house at the time of the attack.

Suffering: Ms Nash is led into Truro Crown Court by a police officer last year, her damaged eyes covered by sunglasses

Suffering: Ms Nash is led into Truro Crown Court by a police officer last year, her damaged eyes covered by sunglasses

Detective Inspector Chris Strickland of Devon and Cornwall Police described Miss Nash’s ordeal as the most shocking attack he had ever dealt with. He said: ‘This was a premeditated, sustained and vicious attack on a defenceless woman.

‘Tina has displayed incredible strength, however, and has shown great desire to care for her two children.’

Those who knew Jenkin last night described a terrifying thug who would attack without warning.

He was banned several times from pubs in Penzance for violence. One barman said: ‘He could just turn and go from being nice and polite and jovial then bang, it was like flicking a switch.

‘I have seen him talking to people, having a laugh, then stamping on them on the floor.’


Callous Shane Jenkin could turn like “flicking a switch” and was on a five-year pub ban for violence.

He was banned from pubs several times but excluded again in 2010 after punching a policeman, a pubwatch chairman said.

The thug, who will be sentenced next month for blinding his girlfriend Tina Nash, struck fear into fellow drinkers who knew his volatile temper could erupt with little warning.

One Penzance barman said Jenkin had previously tried to gouge out a man”s eyes during a brawl.

“I and several others have had run-ins with him and would say he is generally a nasty piece of work,” said the barman, who asked not to be named.

“What he did to Tina he tried to do to other people – I know someone else he had a fight with and tried to do that to him but he was 6ft 4in and could defend himself.

“He could just turn and go from being nice and polite and jovial then bang, it was like flicking a switch.I saw it on several occasions.”

“I have seen him talking to people, having a laugh to stamping on them on the floor.

“There have been various violent crimes and he has been to jail but he always pulled the mental health card – he says he isn”t responsible for his actions and has mental health issues.

“He once dragged someone outside, up the road, put a bench on his head and started jumping on it.

“He ended up with a fractured skull and brain damage and I think he did some prison time for that but played the diminished responsibility card and was out in about 10 months. This was several years ago in his mid-twenties.”

Devon and Cornwall Police would not confirm details of their previous dealings with Jenkin – who has the word “Outlaw” tattooed on his forearm and a scorpion on his chest.

Helen Cadman, Penzance pubwatch chairman and owner of the Sportsmans Arms in Heamoor, Penzance, said: “He was put on the pubwatch scheme several times before but was put on it again in March 2010 for assaulting, punching a policeman outside a nightclub out of hours.

“He was on it previously for more minor offences.”

One landlord, who did not want to be named, said Jenkin was a well-known troublemaker.

“I have certainly thrown him out of a few pubs over the last decade,” he said.

“He was on the pubwatch scheme for violence and general drunken behaviour, just generally obnoxious.

Ms Cadman said she noticed he was “quite aggressive” and that smaller members of staff became intimated by him and that he “wasn”t the full ticket.”

“He was on the pubwatch scheme serving a ban until 2015, a five-year ban. He was a general trouble maker, he”d start fights and get drunk,” she added.

Three months before the 33-year-old gouged out his girlfriend”s eyes he was charged with breaching bail conditions by failing to observe a curfew, it was reported.

At the time he was allegedly on bail for an alleged domestic assault causing actual bodily harm.