Is it a bird Is it a dog No… it”s a moth that looks like a POODLE!

It may look like it”s just dropped in from Middle-Earth but this fluffy creature is actually a moth.

With its bulging eyes and cotton wool-like coat the moth almost doesn”t seem real.

When taxonomist Dr Arthur Anker posted his bizarre picture on Flickr other users were at first skeptical about whether the photograph was a fake.

Is it a bird Is it a dog No... it

Is it a bird Is it a dog No… it”s a moth that looks like a poodle

“Looks like something out of a Harry Potter movie” wrote one, while another posted: “It”s freaking adorable I want one!!!”

The multi-legged insect is casually tagged a “Poodle Moth” and there is not mention of a more scientific name.

But believe it or not the strange being really is a true native of Venezuela, where the scientist caught it on camera.

Dr Anker”s Flickr feed has an impressive array of unusual animal photographs, from a translucent “snapping shrimp” to a “monkey hopper” from Ecuador.

Some of the insects he has come across on his travels are quite cute looking, others downright terrifying.

And his efforts in wildlife photography have been commended by others in the field.

“Insane!” wrote one fellow snapper. “The animals in your stream never seize to amaze me!”