It doesn’t count if… The cunning ways women kid themselves into cheating on their diet

Dieting is an uphill battle and there are countless ways that women trick themselves into believing that a cheeky chocolate treat will go unnoticed.

And now a hilarious YouTube video that every woman can relate to (documenting each and every way women kid themselves into cheating a diet) has gone viral.

The video, which has had 111,000 hits in the past six days alone, shows two women acting out the comedic ways women disguise their feasting with a series of entertaining excuses.

In one scene of the hilarious video, two women are seen crying over The Notebook film as they tuck into a bowl of crisps

In one scene of the hilarious video, two women are seen crying over The Notebook film as they tuck into a bowl of crisps

Opening on a shot of a woman eating a cupcake with a sugar-glazed cherry on top, the voice over says: “It doesn”t count if it”s one of your five a day,” after switching to clips of a woman in full gym gear saying: “It doesn”t count if you”re going to the gym, been to the gym or are just in gym gear.”

In one humorous scene, a woman is shown spraying squirty cream onto a man”s chest whilst the voice over states: “It doesn”t count if it was just one time…”

“It doesn”t count if you”ve just been to the gym, are going to the gym…or are just in gym clothes”

And it doesn

“It doesn”t count if it just happened once” says the voice over as a girl sprays squirty cream on her partner…and it doesn”t count if it”s your birthday, Christmas or Easter

And every chick-flick fanatic can relate to a scene showing two women sat with a bowl of crisps in front of the TV.

“It doesn”t count if you”re watching that bit in The Notebook and it”s raining and they”re all wet and Rachel asks Ryan “Why didn”t you write” and he goes “I totally wrote” and then he gives her that winded dog look like she”s the only person in the world” says the voiceover, as the women delve deeper into their crisp bowl.

It definitely doesn

It definitely doesn”t count if it”s Christmas says the video as a woman tucks into some cake

With plenty of foodie snaps, the video from fast-food chain KFC, continues: “It doesn”t count if it”s half, it”s tiny or if you”re having a green tea after.”

Donned in a range of seasonal attire, the video shows a woman feasting on sugary treats as the narrator says: “It doesn”t count if it”s Christmas, Easter, your birthday…or someone else”s as the song lyrics “It doesn”t count” plays in the background.