I've changed gender three times: Young woman reveals how she found out she was intersex when she was 28

Adeleh, with her striking blue hair, hooped earrings and bright yellow cardigan, looks every inch a confident young woman.

But Miss Deane revealed on This Morning she was actually raised as a boy and has since changed gender three times in the search for her sexual identity.

Adeleh said she knew she was a girl from the age of three and found it 'very confusing and difficult' growing up.

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Adeleh Deane on 'This Morning' talking about being born intersex

Adeleh Deane revealed on 'This Morning' she was born intersex with both female and male genitalia

She told presenter Eamon Holmes: 'Everybody kept telling me I was a boy and to play with boys toys, but I just knew I was a girl,' she said.

'It was quite blatant I was a girl, just in boys packaging. I used to get called gay quite a lot and bullied quite badly.'

Desperate for help Adeleh visited a specialist clinic in her teens and decided to 'transition' where she lived as a woman without resorting to surgery. But then in her 20s she opted to live as a man called Adam.

During her difficult upbringing she had always assumed she was
transgender – born into the wrong sex. But when she was 28, she was told
she was intersex and had physical characteristics of both genders.

'It all made sense it was as if a light bulb came on,' she said.

'Now when babies are born there is a fuller investigation but when i was born in the 70s it was pushed under the carpet.'

As many as one in 2,000 people do not have clearly sexually-defined genitalia or physical characteristics.

Adeleh has tried living as both a man and a woman

Adeleh has tried living as both a man and a woman

During her journey to finding her identity she had plastic surgery in Thailand. She had breast implants and her nose done in two successful operations.

However, when she went back for further surgery she went for a cut-price option with disastrous results.

'I had implants in my buttocks. I wanted to be bottom heavy. It sounds like vanity but at the time it was important to me,' she said.

However, the implants were faulty and ruptured leaving Adeleh chronically ill.

It was only when she returned to the UK that she was able to seek treatment and rectify the situation.

Her unique story is told on Channel 4's Embarrassing Bodies, Episode 2, which airs on 12th March


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