That's enough babies for me! Surrogate mother who has given birth to TEN children for other mothers says it's now time to stop



10:38 GMT, 30 June 2012

Britain's most prolific surrogate mother, Jill Hawkins, has just given birth to her 9th and 10th babies

Britain's most prolific surrogate mother, Jill Hawkins, has just given birth to her 9th and 10th babies

She has given birth to ten children – all for other couples.

At the age of 47 – and after almost dying during her last pregnancy – Britain’s most prolific surrogate mother is retiring from the baby business.

Jill Hawkins insists premature twins Jacob and William will be the last children she carries over her 20-year ‘career’.

Her decision has been prompted by the serious complications she suffered during her pregnancy.

After losing four pints of blood, the twins were delivered via an emergency Caesarean eight weeks early.

Jacob, who weighed 4lb 5oz at birth, and William, 3lb 11oz, are now in incubators in intensive care.

Last night Miss Hawkins, who is single, said she is calling time on her career as a surrogate mother.

However, she admits her friends doubt whether she will stick to her decision. She has said she will give up having babies before – only to change her mind several months later.

At the flat in Brighton she shares with her cat she said: ‘No one believes me when I tell them that I am having no more children. When I met the hospital consultant at the start of my pregnancy she told me in no uncertain terms that I was to have no more babies. She told me I was becoming a drain on NHS resources.

‘It’s now time other women took over the baton. I just can’t risk a baby’s life as well as my own. It’s bad enough that I’ve had two premature babies. I could have died. I could have bled to death.’

The twins she gave birth to last week were from frozen embryos produced by a 42-year-old teacher and his 40-year-old wife from the home counties.

baby number 1, Lucy

second surrogate child, Bertie

L-R: Baby number one was Lucy, born in 1992 and baby number two was Bertie, born in 1994

 third surrogate child, Jamie

surrogate baby number 4, David

L-R: Baby number three was Jamie, born in 1998 and baby number four was David, born in 2001

surrogate baby number 5, Sam


L-R: Baby number five was Sam, born in 2002, baby number six was Alexandra, born in in 2004

They have a ten-year-old daughter who was born naturally, but have been unable to have any more children.

Miss Hawkins was in good health during the early stages of her pregnancy.
But during the 20-week scan doctors discovered that she was suffering from the most severe type of placenta previa, a complication which causes bleeding.

Five weeks later she started to lose blood and was taken to hospital.

During the night she slipped and broke her collarbone. She was released from hospital but suffered another more serious bleed three weeks later.

‘It happened at 4am and all I could think was, “Oh my God, oh my God the twins”,’ she said. ‘I was pretty scared because I was bleeding so much. I called 999 and was taken straight to hospital where I was given a blood transfusion. When I got home I was scared and every night I kept thinking the same thing was going to happen again.’

Miss Hawkins suffered another major bleed three weeks later. Medics decided they had to deliver the babies by emergency Caesarean.

baby Isabella

baby no 8, Oliver

L-R: baby number seven was Isabella, born in 2006, baby number eight was Oliver, born in 2010

Jacob , born to host mum, Jill Hawkins Baby no 9

William , born to host mum, Jill Hawkins baby no 10

Premature baby brothers, Jacob, left, and William were born two months early last week via emergency Caesarean and are now in incubators in intensive care

When she had her first baby for a couple, she lied to her bosses about the pregnancy. She invented a boyfriend and then claimed the baby had died, causing her colleagues to send her sympathy cards.

And a year after she became a surrogate mother for the third time, she was diagnosed with depression.

At one point in 2004, she felt so miserable that she attempted suicide by taking an overdose.

Miss Hawkins, who is paid around 12,000 in ‘expenses’ for each pregnancy, says she has never been in love.

However, she insists being a surrogate mother is fulfilling and urges other women to consider it.

‘Unfortunately there are not enough women who are able or willing to be surrogates,’ she said. ‘I was blessed with fertility. I never wanted the babies for myself.

‘I want to show that it has been a very happy and good experience. This pregnancy has been more painful, but in general I’ve felt happier about how things have turned out.’