Legal high Benzo Fury "as dangerous illegal drugs such as ecstasy", study claims

Legal high Benzo Fury 'as dangerous as illegal drugs such as ecstasy', study claims

Benzo Fury is currently one of the
most popular legal 'highs' in the UK It is
freely available to buy via the internet, at music festivals and clubs

But experts claim it could cause high blood pressure and addiction

19-year-old Alex Heriot died at a music festival in June 2012. At the time his death at the RockNess festival in Inverness-shire was blamed on Benzo Fury although ectasy poisoning was later given as the cause of death.

The researchers said more work was needed to ascertain how dangerous the drug was.

Dr Davidson said: 'Over the last few years 40 or more new legal highs have appeared each year.

'Given the speed with which 'legal highs' are developed and reach the market it's important to be able to respond quickly to assess their potential dangers and disseminate this information accordingly.'

A spokesman for Benzo Fury said the drugs 'were not intended for human consumption', and declined to comment further.