Louisa’s confidence improved dramatically after losing over 1 stone in weight

After years of ‘dieting’ and depriving herself – but never losing weight – Louisa decided it was time to try something different, so she played Weight Watchers. The structure and support really suited her and now here her is – never feeling deprived, looking fabulous, feeling healthier than ever and loving life! She loves the fact the she can now wear what she wants and have fun with fashion.

The structure of the plan meant she had to track and take notice of what she was eating. Having never counted the half Camemberts and chocolate oranges that she used to scoff in front of the TV in the evenings she was now becoming aware of the impact it had on her weight.

Weight Watchers success

Louisa before losing weight

Weight Watchers success

Louisa confident after her weight loss

It wasn’t a massive amount of weight that she wanted to lose, but overall it has made a huge impact o her life.

Having far more confidence – she now wears what she wants, doesn't feel out of control, and doesn't
feel like she is controlled by food.

Louisa said: “I can wear the things that I want to now, whereas before I would try to wear them andLouisa's vital statistics

Name: Louisa

Age: 29

Height: 5' 6″

Was: 11st 3lbs

Lost: 1st 8lbs

Weight: 9st 8lbs

As of 01/04/2012

look awful! I would see pictures of myself after a night out and just feel tragic.

“I feel so much healthier since losing weight – I get less out of breath, find exercise easier, my skin looks so much better than before as well. It must be all the fruit and veg I'm eating nowadays! My lifestyle hasn't changed dramatically, but there are little things that are different – I drink less, eat better and enjoy myself more. If I go out for dinner, I don’t need to eat myself up with guilt the next day.”

To stay on track with the plan in everyday life, she used the iPhone app which was a fantastic way to check out the weekly recipes. The ProPoints calculator was a tool that she couldn't do without.

Louisa's top tip to anyone thinking about losing weight is join Weight Watchers! She found it easy and life changing, and keeping to the plan the weight really doesn't come back. No more fad diets!

It took Louisa 3 months to reach her goal weight.

Louisa appears in the latest Weight Watchers advertising campaign and thoroughly enjoyed the experience – being looked after, having her hair and make up fixed. The thing she enjoyed most of all was meeting the other people in the advert and hearing their success stories made it extremely inspiring.

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