Marry Me! Lovestruck man closes down street and proposes to girlfriend with flash mob of 300 dancers and Bruno Mars hit

An unsuspecting social media strategist became the star of her own You Tube hit when her boyfriend closed down a street, organised a flash mob of dancers and got down on one knee to propose.

Alex De Loia of Robinson, Pennsylvania had assumed she and her boyfriend Joey Lancianese, 25, were meeting friends for dinner on Saturday night.

But when a few random strangers began dancing and Joey joined in, she watched as nearly 300 people participated in the extraordinary spectacle in her honour.

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Attention! Joey Lanianese of Sewickley, Pennsylvania, proposed to Alex DeLoia on Saturday with the help of about 300 dancers and friends

Attention! Joey Lanianese of Sewickley, Pennsylvania, proposed to Alex DeLoia on Saturday with the help of about 300 dancers and friends

The aisle: Joey approaches Alex after dancing to a medley of three songs including Bruno Mars and 4 Non Blondes

Later she told KDKA News: “We met them there, and then they started a flash mob… I didn”t have dinner that night.”

No stranger to the spotlight, Joey, a sports broadcaster and journalist had been planning the elaborate event for two months, telling Alex that he was playing softball when he had rehearsals.

Innocent: Alex and Joey meet up with friends as planned on Saturday to have dinner

Entertaining: Told by a colleague earlier that there was going to be some music on the main street that evening, when one dancer jumped into the street Alex watched standing by the tree with Joey and friends

Surprise! Joey joined in after a handful of dancers had gathered much to Alex”s amusement

“I was just like you know, we”re playing a lot of softball here, what are you doing” She recalled.

The three part song medley to which dancers were choreographed included Bruno Mars” Marry You and 4 Non Blondes” What”s Going On

As Joey grapevined his way through the proposal, showing off impressive moves, he laughed: “Please don”t say no!”

Shock: Alex cried and laughed as Joey and his flash mob perform the choreography that they had been rehearsing for two months

Crowd control: The Sewickley borough manager agreed to close down Beaver Street for 37 minutes for the occasion

The petite brunette stood covering her mouth in shock and wiping her tears away as a woman behind her guided Joey and his mob of dancers through the complicated moves.

The scene went on for 37 minutes during which time the main thoroughfare of Sewickley was closed thanks to the help of the borough manager with whom Alex works closely at Village Green Partners, a non-profit company that looks after the very same business district.

Earlier that day, the manager explained, Alex had asked him why the barricades on Beaver Street were up. “I said, “oh we”re having music tonight at 7 o”clock, you know about an hour of music.”” At which point an oblivious Alex had shifted into work mode and started asking about the band and whether she should start emailing people to come out and support them.

The finale: “It”s a bit understated, I understand,” Joey joked as he took Alex”s hands

Yes! After making a speech professing his love for his girlfriend, Joey popped the question to which Alex simply nodded through sobs

Movie moment: No stranger to the television, the sports broadcaster and journalist embraces his new fiancee

For the finale, the dancers, family members and friends who had all joined in after months of practice, formed a corridor and Joey walked down towards his bride-to-be.

Getting down on one knee he laughed: “It”s a little understated, I understand.”

And then his tone became more sincere as he told his girlfriend of six years: “No idea is too big for us. We can do anything together. You are my best friend in the whole world, being with you has been the happiest time of my whole life. I love you more than you can ever imagine, and I want to spend the rest of my life making you as happy as you make me.”

Glowing: The couple met at Kent University in Ohio six years ago and while Alex admitted the engagement was a long time in the making, she agreed it was worth waiting for

Brilliant: Joey designed the rose gold and diamond engagement ring himself

Opening the box, and displaying the diamond and rose gold engagement ring he had designed himself, he asked: “So Alexandra Caitlin DeLoia, will you marry me”

Nodding through tears, she accepted and the two embraced to cheers of approval.

“It was amazing,” said Alex. “It”s been a long time coming and it was so worth the wait.”