Disabled dwarf “healed by church leader”s miracle touch” after spending 10 years in a wheelchairMaya Joseph claims it took Rev George Booty just minutes to “cure” her at St George”s in Milton Keynes

A disabled dwarf who spent ten years in a wheelchair claims she has been miraculously “healed” by a church leader”s touch.

Maya Joseph, 35, was “instantly cured” of the pain in her legs that had left her unable to walk for a decade after Reverend George Booty placed his hands on her while she prayed to God.

She was wheeled into St George’s, an independent Anglican church in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, before walking out unassisted just minutes later.

Miracle Maya Joseph (right) had been unable to walk for ten years before Rev George Booty (left)

Miracle Maya Joseph (right) had been unable to walk for ten years before Rev George Booty (left) “cured” her by touching her legs as she prayed to God

She said: “I got up and walked and I’ve continued to walk ever since. I feel fantastic. I was healed.”

Ms Joseph, who has dwarfism and is registered blind, has been unable to walk since she was 25 due to curvature of the spine.

But despite doctors saying she would probably never walk again, she can now stroll to the local shops and hop on a bus to get around her hometown of Luton.

Ms Joseph, who is 4ft 7in tall, said her leg was twisted but has now started to straighten since the “healing service” in early October.

She said: “I did believe it would happen one day.

“I was sat at the altar in the church and he laid hands on me, prayed, and said lift up your legs – and I could.

“He wasn’t expecting it and I certainly wasn’t. I just said: “Thank you, wow, that’s amazing.”

“I went into the service with real pain but walked out with none. My body has just got stronger and stronger since then.

“I’m going for walks every day and feeling fitter than I have done for years. My doctors are amazed when I tell them how I was cured.”

As she was: Ms Joseph had been confined to her wheelchair for ten years before her miraculous

As she was: Ms Joseph had been confined to her wheelchair for ten years before her miraculous “cure” in October

Ms Joseph has been a member of St George’s for a year and could previously only attend the church after being lifted into a special minibus to transport her there.

Father-of-four Reverend Booty said he was delighted Ms Joseph had been healed, but insisted that God should take the credit.

He said: “I am just a channel through which God is healing. I don’t want to sensationalise it. I just want to carry out whatever work God wants me to do.

“I remember Maya coming forward for prayer for her legs specifically and I laid hands on her in the set Biblical tradition as we prayed.

“I claimed her healing in the name of Jesus and the pain simply left her and she could lift up her legs. Her twisted leg began to slowly straighten over the next few days.

“When we had finished she was really amazing and beaming. She could suddenly lift her legs up and her knees came right up to her chest, without any pain at all.”

Reverence Booty is a professional psychotherapist having formerly been a aircraft engine fitter in the RAF, a salesman and debt counsellor before he was “saved” by Christianity in his early thirties.

He claims that since he was ordained in 2003, two other people have reported being cured from their illnesses.

The reverend said: “A churchgoer with bowel cancer said she recovered after she attended one of my services and another said their years of back pain had completely gone. Miracles do happen.”

Now Ms Joseph, who has worked as an author and an actress, has one more ambition – to cure her failing eyesight.

She is a struggling to raise funds for a pioneering eye operation in the U.S. that costs over 10,000.

Meanwhile, she may attend another healing service at St George’s in the hope that it may “cure” her eyesight.