She ain't heavy, she's our daughter! Baby girl weighs in at over a STONE at birth…Niamh O'Halloran weighs nearly 1.5lbs more than Suzie Tevendale who was born naturally in just 44 minutes last week

When Elaine Martin and Sean O'Halloran were told that their daughter was going to be a big baby, they expected their newborn would tip the scales at 10-11lbs.

But Niamh exceeded all expectations by weighing a staggering 14lbs 4oz at birth – possibly earning her an entry in the record books as Britain's heaviest baby girl.

The couple's revelation comes just days after Gemma Tevendale suggested her daughter Suzie was likely to be Britain’s heaviest baby girl – she was born naturally after 44 minutes weighing 12lbs 12 oz.

Niamh Martin in Ipswich Hospital

Niamh Martin in Ipswich Hospital

Bouncing baby girl: Niamh Martin weighed in at 14lbs 4oz at Ipswich Hospital – twice the average

Niamh easily smashed that record when she was born, weighing more than a stone, just two days late on November 8 last year.

Elaine, 32, and Sean, 34, have no idea why their first child was nearly the double the average UK girl’s weight of 7lbs 4oz when she was delivered at Ipswich Hospital, Suffolk.

Mother Elaine, a nurse at Ipswich Hospital, is 5ft 8ins tall and weighed an impressive 9lbs 4oz at birth.

Sean, who is 5ft 9ins tall, weighed just 6lbs 4oz – although he admits that he is now 'bigger than average'.

The father, a research scientist, said: 'We always knew she was going to be big and were told to expect her to be 10lbs to 11bs – but it was a real shock that she was so large.

'I was in the operating theatre and you could see she was enormous. Then when she got weighed, I thought “bloody hell”.

'Everyone in the theatre was shocked and surprised. We were told that she was probably the biggest ever baby at the hospital – but now it looks like she is the biggest girl ever born in Britain.

'Her birth weight was even off the scale for the charts in her personal NHS health record booklet.

'Her size didn’t really sink in at first. We were just so elated and pleased that she had been delivered safely and was perfectly healthy.'

Growing fast: Niamh is now three months old

Growing fast: Niamh is now three months old and a more normal 14lbs 11oz

The couple who live in Ipswich and have been together for three years decided to try for their first baby at the start of last year.

Sean said: 'We first got an indication that Niamh was going to be big when Elaine had her first scan at 20 weeks.

'She ended up having more scans than usual during her pregnancy because of Niamh’s size as the doctors wanted to monitor her.

'Elaine and I are a bit bigger than average build – but she did not have any cravings during her pregnancy and ate normally. We had no reason to think our baby was going to be so large.'

Sean said doctors had attempted to have Niamh induced the day before her due date because of unfounded fears that Elaine might have gestational diabetes.

But she was so large that doctors were unable to induce her and Elaine was booked in for a caesarean three days later.

Mother Elaine Martin had to have a Caesarean as her daughter was so large. Here she is pictured with her partner Sean O'Halloran

Mother Elaine Martin had to have a Caesarean as her daughter was so large. Here she is pictured with her partner Sean O'Halloran

Niamh was born with a full head of dark hair and came out of hospital wearing clothes meant for babies aged three to six months.

She ended up losing weight after her birth before putting it on again and now weighs a healthy 14lbs 11oz at the age of three months.

Sean added: 'We were a bit worried when she was losing weight and used to wake her every four hours to feed her.

'But by Christmas we started to let her sleep through the night and she did. She is a brilliant baby and is very placid and quite content.

'She is still bigger than average build and her weight is currently in the top 15 per cent for her age. She still wears clothes for babies aged three to six months, but she is almost too big for them.'

Elaine said: 'I didn’t notice at first that Niamh was so big when I was pregnant until my work colleagues started saying that I was huge.

'I had a bit of a bump at my front, but looking from the side I was really big. It got difficult for me carrying her around in my final month of pregnancy.

'When I was 36 weeks pregnant and four weeks off her due date, an ante-natal doctor told me that she was already the size should be at 40 weeks.

'I had a balanced diet all through my pregnancy, but in the later stages I did get indigestion and I started having a lot of milk and peppermint to settle my stomach.'

Last week it was revealed how mother-of-three Gemma Tevendale, 26, gave birth naturally to daughter Suzie in just 44 minutes with just the aid of gas and air at Great Western Hospital, Swindon

Before baby Suzie, the heaviest baby girl born in Britain was thought to be Farrah Gallacher who weighed 12lbs 9oz when she was born in Inverness last September.

The heaviest baby boy in the UK was 15lbs 8oz Guy Carr of Barrow, Cumbria, born in 1992, while the world’s heaviest recorded surviving baby was a boy born weighing 22lb 8oz born in Aversa, Italy, in 1955.