How to get a derriere like Miriam Gonzalez Durantez: Secrets of an A-list body



23:34 GMT, 1 October 2012

We reveal how to get the enviable physiques of the rich and famous. This week, Miriam Gonzales Durantez’s bottom.

She juggles a high-flying legal career with raising three sons and supporting her husband, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg.

If that wasn’t enough, at the Liberal Democrat conference last week, Miriam Gonzales Durantez, 44, showed off a particularly toned posterior.

Miriam Gonzalez-Durantez

Miriam Gonzalez-Durantez

Miriam Gonzalez Durantez is a keen dancer (she met her husband – Nick Clegg – at flamenco-style dancing classes 20 years ago)

So how does she remain so trim

Gonzales says she does plenty of walking. She’s also a keen dancer (she met her husband at flamenco-style dancing classes 20 years ago).

TRY THIS: Toe taps are a great way to engage the muscles in the buttocks and prevent a sagging bottom. Lie on your back on the floor with arms by your sides.

Lift your feet off the ground, bending both knees to 90 degrees so that your calves are parallel to the ground.

Tap your left toe to the ground, then your right, raising your calf after each tap.

Continue alternate toe-tapping for one to two minutes.