Mother goes into labour nine weeks early at her husband's hospital bedside after he almost dies in horrific crash Adam Hambly, of Plymouth, suffered serious injuries in the head on collision in November
Wife Jo, 35, went into labour with baby Grace two months early as she waited at his bedside for him to recoverAll three now face Christmas in hospital as they recover in neighbouring wards



18:24 GMT, 3 December 2012

A wife went into labour at her husband's hospital bedside nine weeks early after the shock of finding out he had suffered a horrific car crash.

Adam Hambly, 32, was left fighting for his life after suffering multiple injuries in the head-on smash in November.

Wife Jo, 35, rushed to be by his side and waited anxiously for signs of recovery. But she was admitted as a patient herself to Derriford Hospital in Plymouth, when she started suffering contractions two months before she was due.

Adam Hambly and wife Jo in hospital together after the birth of their baby Grace, more than two months early

Adam Hambly and wife Jo in hospital together after the birth of their baby Grace, more than two months early. The couple believe the early labour was triggered by the shock of Mr Hambly's major accident

Jo Hambly went into labour nine weeks early at her husband Adam's hospital bedside - after the shock of finding out he had been in a high-speed crash

Jo and Adam – and baby Grace – are all now recovering in neighbouring wards at the Plymouth hospital

After four days of complications, she gave birth to daughter Grace – their first child – by emergency caesarean section and was immediately taken to recover on a ward with her husband lying beside her.

Now all three of the family are recovering in neighboring wards and face a Christmas in hospital.

But the couple still insist they are 'the luckiest people in the world.'

Mr Hambly, a fisherman, said: 'The last two weeks have been the lowest and highest points of my life. I’m just so happy to be here at all.'

'The nurses rushed me into the lift and got me to the maternity ward. A couple of Naval nurses got me down there like a bat out of hell.

'I was in the delivery room on one bed and Jo was on the bed next to me. It was amazing what they did for us – it’s never happened before, apparently.

'We’re convinced it was the stress of the crash that brought on the contractions.

'As soon as the baby arrived I just forgot about everything. She’s amazing. We couldn’t have asked for a healthier baby. She’s just beautiful.'

Mr Hambly nearly lost his life when his silver Subaru Impreza was involved in a head-on smash in Plymouth, Devon, on November 17.

He had dropped off a workmate when his car was hit by a black Ford Focus.

Little Grace was two months premature and was whisked straight to an incubator after she was delivered by emergency caesarean section

Little Grace was two months premature and was whisked straight to an incubator after she was delivered by emergency caesarean section

The two men in that vehicle escaped unhurt but Mr Hambly's passenger suffered a chest injury and fractured sternum.

Rescuers then spent two hours carefully freeing Mr Hambly, of Plymouth, from the wreckage of his car.

He said: 'The roof was one inch clear of my head. The police said if I was in a different car I would’ve died.'

He shattered his right leg, ripped muscles in his neck, fractured his hip and damaged his finger.

He was rushed to Derriford Hospital and underwent the first of four emergency operations.

Surgeons fitted metal pins to re-attach 20 pieces of bone, stitching his leg back together with dozens of thick staples.

The couple now face Christmas in hospital while little Grace and her dad Adam recover

The couple now face Christmas in hospital while little Grace, mother Jo and father Adam recover

Mrs Hambly said when she received a phone call from the scene of the crash telling her that her husband was trapped in she had feared the worst.

After racing to the hospital she watched helplessly as her husband recovered from the serious surgery in intensive care.

Then six days later, in what experts believe was delayed shock, she began to have contractions despite not being due to give birth until January 24.

She was then officially admitted to the hospital where her bed-bound husband had asked hospital staff to be on 24-hour standby to whisk him to the maternity ward.

Four days later, in the early hours of Thursday morning, he was told his baby was on the way and was wheeled down in his bed to the birth.

Mr Hambly was not allowed into the operating theatre as doctors performed a Caesarean section on his wife.

But within minutes of tiny Grace arriving at 4lbs 60z Jo was wheeled back into the delivery suite where Mr Hambly was waiting.

The proud father was allowed to see his daughter briefly before she was whisked off to an incubator.

She faces a further four weeks in hospital and is on a drip in intensive care but is perfectly healthy.

The whole family are preparing to spend Christmas in hospital as they each recover, and Mr Hambly faces six months of operations and rehabilitation before he will be able to walk again .

But last Friday he was able to hold little ‘Gracie’ for the first time after leaving his bed in an adapted wheelchair.

He said: 'I was in massive discomfort but when I got down there I didn’t feel the pain.

'She’s just amazing. Her whole hand is as big as my thumb. Every single thing that’s happened to us, it’s the mathematical equation of a miracle, really.'

Mrs Hambly, who is in a wheelchair and recovering in hospital herself, said she felt blessed that both her husband and daughter had survived.

She said: 'It’s been a pretty horrific few weeks but now we have a baby.

'I’m the luckiest person alive at the moment. I thank my lucky stars every day. It could have been a totally different Christmas.'

Devon and Cornwall police appealed for anyone with information about the crash, which happened at 7.30pm on November 17, to call 101.