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How to… get 'scher-mazing' shoulders like NicoleStart your day with the 'plank punch' exercise



12:10 GMT, 16 December 2012

Scherz's shoulders: Exercise like Nicole

Scherz's shoulders: Exercise like Nicole

Nicole Scherzinger looked stunning in a strapless gown on last weekend’s X Factor final.

To bring out the definition in your shoulders, try this ‘plank punch’ exercise every morning, but follow the tips carefully to avoid lower back pain.

– Starting on your hands and knees, line up your shoulders and wrists.

Keep your upper-body weight in your arms and your head lifted in line with the rest of your back.

– Step up on to the ball of your right foot, straightening your leg, and follow with the left.

Your abdominals will switch up a gear as you balance in your plank.

Keep hips in line with the rest of your body. Squeeze your gluteal muscles to support your lower back, and breathe steadily.

– The wider you have your legs, the easier this move will be. Squeeze your inner thighs together for a challenge! If it’s really too tough, drop your knees to the floor but keep your hips in mid-air.

– Look forwards, raise your right arm off the floor and make a fist.

Total workout: Define your shoulders with the 'plank punch' workout

Total workout: Define your shoulders with the 'plank punch' workout

– Punch straight ahead with your thumb on top of the fist. Your hips will naturally tilt as you punch, so focus on keeping your abdominals braced. Return your right hand to the floor and repeat with the left straight away.

– Do plank punches for 30 seconds before taking a break for ten seconds. Repeat for another 30 seconds. Aim to complete four more rounds.

– This move and others like it form part of the Body Conditioning or Circuit classes. virgin active.co.uk