This changes everything.

Holy crap! 3-Fins mermaid tails are basically all I ever wanted as an Ariel-obsessed child. They are custom-made to order and cost $250 for each. They come in all different colors and I basically NEED to try swimming in one of these some time before I die.

3-Fins describe their product as follows:

These stunningly realistic looking Mermaid Tails were inspired by my 3 daughters and their love of all things Mermaid! They are made to SWIM IN as the material used is top of the line swimsuit fabric. Each of the fabrics are very sparkly and reflective, and look beautiful, when worn in and out of the water. Make a girls Mermaid dreams a reality with a gorgeous custom made tail. A special and unique gift that will bring happiness and fun times to all who wear it!

Soo, all you relatives with little girls on your shopping lists: you’ve just been alerted to the best present you could ever possibly give. Don’t mess it up.


As if you weren’t already sold, there’s a video set to The Little Mermaid’s “Under The Sea”, too:

Video available at: LINK:

Order at 3-Fins

Found via The Gloss