The long and the short of it: Men from Stoke-on-Trent have the longest manhoods in Britain, while those from Bristol have the greatest girth
Men in the North West order the largest sized condoms, says online retailerThose in Leeds and Manchester are the second and third biggestChaps in South West are the widest, followed by Oxford and then Leeds
Average man only 5.1in long when erect, not the 6in most men think they are

Anna Hodgekiss


11:29 GMT, 15 February 2013



11:46 GMT, 15 February 2013

Men from Stoke-on-Trent have the biggest manhoods in Britain, according to a revealing new survey.

Those from Robbie Williams' home town order the largest sized condoms, followed by their neighbours in Leeds and Manchester.

But when it comes to girth, it's Bristol chaps who claim the top prize, followed by those in Oxford, Leeds and Newcastle.

Men from Stoke-on-Trent, such as Robbie Williams, have the longest manhoods in Britain, a survey has revealed

Men from Stoke-on-Trent, such as Robbie Williams, have the longest manhoods in Britain, a survey has revealed

The survey, of 20,000 men by an online condom retailer, found a staggering four inch difference in the circumference of the
smallest and largest men.

The findings are said to be the most
accurate set of size data recorded, avoiding the 'brag factor', as men who
took part were buying custom-fit condoms.

2: LeedsOxford
3: ManchesterLeeds4: BirminghamNewcastle5: LiverpoolNottingham6: CardiffCardiff7: NewcastleBirmingham8: ChelmsfordGloucester9: OxfordCoventry10: NorwichManchester

However the survey, from condom makers TheyFit, does suggest the average man on the street may be deluded when it comes to his size.

It found the average British man is
only 5.1 inches long, rather than the often quoted average of six
inches, while the average girth (circumference) is 4.7 inches.

In fact, 26 per cent of men are less than five inches when
erect, while 53 per cent are between five and six inches. Twenty one per
cent of men claim to be longer than six inches.

Men from Stoke-on-Trent ordered the largest condoms from the company's
web store, which stocks 95 different sizes of prophylactic. Sizes range
from three to 9.5 inches long and fit girths of 3.5 inches up to 7.5.

for chaps paranoid about their manhood, the size is marked on the
packet with a discreet code, rather than a measurement in inches.

Nelson, founder of the website, said: 'Our anonymised data represents
the most accurate survey of penis sizes ever collected.

'Previous studies have relied on self-reported measurements from men, leading to an issue of “size exaggeration”.

'But men buying our condoms are much
less likely to do this for two reasons – firstly because they are
parting with money for a custom fit condom and secondly because of our
size code system (rather than labels like small, medium and large),
there's simply less focus on whether someone is bigger or smaller – it's
all about getting a custom fit.

The problem of fit with standard condoms has long been recognised – a study published in the Lancet in 1993 called for different sizing – while a study in 2010 reported 45 per cent of men complained that their condoms did not fit.