Pensioner with head wound forced to direct ambulance crew to local hospital after they get lost
Ian Taylor waited 90 minutes for an ambulance after a head wound began bleeding profuselyIt then took 62 minutes to reach Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge, which was just three miles from Mr Taylor's homeThe ambulance Trust involved apologised and said two sat nav systems had failed



12:18 GMT, 3 December 2012

Mr Taylor had to give his ambulance driver directions to a hospital three miles from his home in Cambridgeshire

Mr Taylor had to give his ambulance driver directions to a hospital three miles from his home in Cambridgeshire

A pensioner who had to wait 90 minutes for an ambulance was amazed when he had to give paramedics directions to the local hospital.

Ian Taylor called 999 after a fall left him with blood gushing from his head.

However, paramedics were sent from 90 miles away from Letchworth to near Cambridge where the grandfather-of-five lives.

Although Mr Taylor only lives three miles from Addenbrooke's Hospital, the ambulance crew lost their way on route, driving around numerous villages.

He had to give them directions to and finally arrived at the hospital an hour after they had set off.

The retired architect said: 'It was horrendous. I had collapsed during the early hours of Friday, hit my head and was unconscious for hours in a pool of blood.

'The doctor came later that morning and he stopped the bleeding. I had to go to a black tie dinner in the evening at my golf club and when I got back from there I found my head was a bit cold and found I was covered in blood.

'It was quite scary because I was bleeding profusely.

'I thought what I am going to do now as it was too late to call family or friends at around 11.30pm and I was mindful of the fact that I had had a stroke some years ago so I made the decision to call 999.'

Mr Taylor, who has lived in the area for 45 years, was not picked up by the ambulance until 1.20am. However, he became worried after the journey seemed to take long than it should, and alerted the ambulance technician besides him.

He said: 'He asked the driver who said he was lost and said the sat nav said Addenbrooke's doesn't exist. I thought this is stupid as we were so close to Addenbrooke's.

'I said carry on until I recognise something and finally we passed the pub called The Rose at Stapleford and by that time we were heading back towards Cambridge.'

Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge

Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge: An ambulance driver got lost on route after his sat nav failed

The service have apologised for the delay in his journey and said that although there were two satellite navigation systems on the ambulance neither were working causing the driver to get lost.

Gary Sanderson, a spokesman for EEAST said the call was coded as 'not life-threatening' and allows ambulances to arrive within 60 minutes.

He said: 'We do our very best to get to patients within the appropriate time frame, but sometimes this is a challenge if we're very busy elsewhere with more serious cases such as cardiac arrests, strokes and unconsciousness.

'The Trust is however currently planning resources better to fit in with where and when demand lies in an effort to improve response times.'