“When I saw Pippa in that dress, I knew I wanted what she had”: Mother spends $10,000 on surgery to have butt lift…and finds her very own Prince Charming

After watching the Royal Wedding on TV, Jenny Fizgerald was determined to change her body to look more like Pippa Middleton.

The mother-of-two, from Miami, Florida, paid $10,000 (6,000) to have the perfect bum – and claims it was the key to finding love.

Jenny, who has similar features to the young royal, felt her rear was too flat and having been divorced for six years, she feared men would never look at her again.

Drastic action: Jenny Fizgerald went under the knife, spending 6,000 on a “Pippa butt lift”

But after seeing maid of honour Pippa”s perfect rear-end on the Duchess of Cambridge”s wedding day to Prince William, she decided she wanted one for herself.

She said: “When I saw how men around the world responded with adoration for Pippa”s curves, I decided to take drastic action.”

She started researching procedures on the internet and found surgeon Dr Constantino Mendieta who offered the “Pippa Butt Lift” for $10,000.

“It was all going towards giving me the perfect shape I longed for.”

Jenny with her fiance Carlos, who claims he was first attracted to her because of her rear-end

After two months, enough fat had built up in her stomach and hips and on September 15 2011, Jenny went under the knife, having fat sucked from her body and put into her backside.

She dropped two dress sizes in the procedure – from size four to size two. Then she found clothes were tight on her new bum, while fitting perfectly on her newly-shaped waist.

“Everything just fitted much better, in a lovely way, like Pippa”s bridesmaid”s dress did on her,” said Jenny.

“I bought new-styles for my wardrobe which I”d always dreamed of wearing but never dared to before because they didn”t fit me properly.

“It was like a dream come true. I love my new body and just like Pippa I get loads more attention from men.

Jenny went under the knife, having fat sucked from her body and put into her backside, because she felt it was too flat (Before surgery, right, and after, left)

“I didn”t want a huge bum – I wanted one that was pert and elegant like Pippa”s.

“When I saw her in that dress on TV, I knew I wanted what she had.

“I”d always hated my shape, especially after having two kids, and it left me feeling terrible about myself. I looked in the mirror and hated what I saw.

“It was hard to meet men because I didn”t think I looked nice.

“I was scared about what would happen if they ever saw me without my clothes on.

“But now I am full of confidence.”

And in December, just three months after her surgery, Jenny found love.

She”s now engaged to marry Carlos, 42, who owns a heavy machinery firm.

“I know my new bum made this happen,” she said. “I finally feel great and sexy about myself.

“And I know Carlos loves it too – he”s always staring.”

Carlos said: “Her bottom is why I noticed her in the first place. Without it we might never have spoken.”