Police investigate 13 deaths in a year due to mistakes by paramedics

Police investigate 13 deaths in a year due to mistakes by paramedics
Errors made by East Midlands Ambulance Service include taking eight hours to respond to an elderly manStaff also left morphine tablets on the roof of a rapid response car and moved patient with broken neckService was recently named worst in the country for responding to the most serious 999 calls

/13) equates to 0.009%, or a serious incident every 10,377 jobs.

'EMAS is open and honest and publishes information about all serious incidents for the Trust Board to consider (and publishes details on our website).

'We encourage staff to report all incidents so we're able to investigate and learn from the findings and then take action to prevent repetition wherever possible.

'We share real-life clinical case studies with our staff to raise awareness and prevent a reoccurrence.

'Many of the incidents in question relate to delayed responses to 999 calls and that is the reason we have introduced our Being the Best plan to improve the speed at which we respond.

'We are confident this, together with investment from our commissioners (so we have more staff on the road) will improve our performance.'

Last week EMAS announced it would be recruiting 140 more frontline staff and investing 120,000 in community defibrillators.

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