Oh beer! Pub landlord who felt ill for months discovers he is ALLERGIC to aleAlastair Scott took home allergy test after feeling tired and unwellThe pub landlord was shocked when he discovered he was allergic to wheat – a key ingredient in beerBut the defiant ale lover insists he will continue to drink

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16:12 GMT, 12 April 2013



19:08 GMT, 13 April 2013

Alastair Scott

Publican Alastair Scott discovered he was allergic to beer after taking an allergy test

A pub landlord who tastes ales for a living has discovered he is allergic to BEER.

Alastair Scott was the first in the UK to qualify as a beer sommelier after it became a recognised qualification two years ago.

However, after working in the pub industry for more than 20 years, he was devastated to find out he couldn't stomach beer any longer.

Alistair took a home intolerance test after feeling unwell for months but was shocked to find that this was all down to the yeast in beer.

Alistair, 49, said: 'I almost wanted to double check it and get it changed!

'I didn't think it was right, I just didn't believe it.

'I was coughing a lot and spluttering in the mornings, and generally feeling tired and lethargic.

'I wouldn't have done anything about it if other people hadn't complained – it was my family that made me find out because I had just accepted I wasn't very well.

'I was worried about what I wasn't going to be able to have but I never thought it would be beer.

The father-of-three earns a living by travelling around the country, taste-testing beer.

He said: I'm in the pub for work three or four days a week and it's rare that I don't have a drink for work purposes 3 or 4 times a week.

'Sometimes I can drink up to six ales in a pub.'

Alastair's work involves reviewing beer and matching specific ales to different foods.
He added: 'Beer is a big part of my life and I just cant avoid it, I'm heavily involved in the pub industry, I just love it.

'It's a great job – it's hard work but I feel I'm lucky to be able to visit pubs and help them through their beer.'

Alastair Scott

Worrying times: The father-of-three travels across the UK taste testing beer for a living

Alastair, from Banbury, Oxfordshire, used an at -home YorkTest kit which showed he suffered a severe reaction to yeast, which is found in many of the things he enjoys every day.
He said: 'It's in beer, wine, bread, even salad dressing.

'It could have been caused by drinking too much of it. I mainly drink ales and they are very heavily yeasted so I may have just overloaded my body.'

Square and Compass bar in Harrogate

Mr Scott owns the Square and Compass bar in Harrogate, Yorkshire (pictured) along with another bar in Bristol

But as beer is essential to his job, Alistair has been forced to take on a new approach to get him through the working week.

'I now sip not sup, that's more difficult than you think because you have to properly drink ales to decipher the full flavour.

'You can't just swill it round your mouth and spit it out like you can do with wine.

'I'm just going to have a bit now though rather than drinking full pints!'

Alastair Scott

Despite the allergy Mr Scott claims he will carry on drinking beer in smaller amouts

Alistair, who owns two pubs in Bristol and Harrogate, has had to change what he drinks socially because of his new-founded allergy.

'Duvel ale was always my favourite beer but it has a very large amount of yeast in it so I've now switched to drinking lager.

'I spoke to Carlsberg who told me there are only trace amounts of wheat in most lagers as they are so heavily filtered, so they shouldn't affect me.

'I would rather cut out bread than beer and, I just love it that much.

'I'm hoping if I can stay off it for the summer, then I might be able to see how it goes!'