Rise of the FBIs (that's fat, bald and impotent men): Three-in-one sales of treatments soar as embarrassed blokes flock online

Online chemist says men are increasingly buying treatments for all three ailments in one order, with sales up 40 per cent on the previous yearBiggest demand was in London and South East, followed by the MidlandsExperts say stress could be to blame for all three conditionsBut privacy of buying online is also thought to have fuelled demand

sales figures by Chemist Direct found there was a 40 per cent rise in such orders from customers across the UK, compared to the previous year.

The most popular products include
Regaine hair loss foam for Men, XLS-Medical and BioBurn slimming
tablets, and Maxbido, the male sexual enhancer.

The biggest demand was in London and the South East, followed by the Midlands, and then the North East.

In fourth place were customers in Scotland, followed by those living in the North West.

Part of the rise in demand may be attributed to the recession, as increased pressure both at work and at home can cause stress, affecting a man’s sex drive, and causing weight fluctuation and even hair loss.

Last year a survey found that the South East was ‘Impotence Capital of England’

Experts have warned that there could be a
rise in impotence due to men suffering from an increase in stress and
anxiety – caused by long working hours, home pressures and the

Last year, in a survey of more than
1,000 people by Good Housekeeping Magazine, more than a quarter of
couples questioned said they were having less sex than they were a year
ago, with men blaming their lack of libido on money worries.

Impotence is a common condition with studies showing that up to 33 per cent of men will suffer it at some point of their life.

However, the trend may also have been
triggered by men increasingly recognising that they can get help and
treatment completely anonymously online, instead of having the
embarrassment of walking into their local chemist and explaining their
symptoms – or even worse, the possibility of seeing someone they know.

Experts say stress can trigger hair loss, erectile dysfunction and comfort eating

Experts say stress can trigger hair loss, erectile dysfunction and comfort eating

Recent research conducted by the
University of Texas and published in Journal of Clinical Investigation,
identified a link between stress and comfort eating, leading to weight

And although much of male pattern baldness is thought to be hereditary, stress can also have an impact.

a person feels intense stress, the body releases a large amount of
adrenaline; this transmits a signal to the hair follicles which causes
them to enter the telogen (resting) phase early, where they stay for
three months.

this phase there is no new hair growth. This results in an uneven hair
growth pattern which leads to thinning hair and then hair loss.

hair is considered to have a non-essential body function, the body will
react to stress in a way that it considers being least harmful, hence
the hair growth cycle can be affected.

Direct Chief Pharmacist Krishna Soma said: 'Over the last year we’ve
seen a significant rise in orders from customers requesting treatments
for all three conditions.

is supported by anecdotal evidence, with more male customers contacting
our pharmacists directly to ask about suitable treatments.'

She added: 'These are extremely serious issues which can have a detrimental effect on a man’s self-confidence.

understand that many men feel uncomfortable talking about these
problems in person, but want to seek expert help and get the right