Meet the 'human doughnut': Rob, 25, is 5ft 3in tall… but 6ft 6in round his WAIST
Youth worker says he cries himself to sleep as he feels so lonelySwapped diets with a food phobic for a TV show

Rob Gillet is 5ft 3in tall but measures 6ft 6in around the waist

Rob Gillet is 5ft 3in tall but measures 6ft 6in around the waist

A young food addict has eaten so many biscuits and cream cakes he has ended up resembling a human doughnut.

Rob Gillet, 25, is 5ft 3in tall but measures an incredible 6ft 6in around his waist.

The 35 stone 10lb youth worker has been warned he could drop dead if he doesn’t start to lose weight.

Rob says he is addicted to fizzy drinks and cake and consumes around 7,000 calories – nearly three times more than the recommended daily allowance for a man.

And while health chiefs recommend a Body Mass Index of under 25, super-sized Rob’s is a frightening 86.

Rob said: 'My addiction is mostly for sweet stuff, like chocolate, biscuits and cakes. And I quite like a pie, once in a while.

'I don’t like what I see in the mirror but when I see the food I just want to eat it. And eat, eat, eat.'

Rob admits he cries himself to sleep because he has no girlfriend and can’t live the life of an average 25-year-old.

He said: 'I don’t chat to girls. I just don’t see the point anymore.

'I want to lose weight so I can fit into fashionable clothes, be one of the lads, go out and meet friends.

'But I do like my doughnuts with cream in, they’re my favourites, although I will eat most cakes.

'I’m a picker, I like to pick things and I’m always picking.'

Rob, of Bridgend, South Wales, blames his grandmother for feeding him up since he was a child.



2 x slices of toast with poached egg. Cup of tea. Glass of orange juice.

White breakfast baguette. 500ml of coke. Bag of crisps, biscuits and an apple.

Chicken wrapped in parmesan with chips. Yoghurt. 500ml of coke or Chicken Curry with Rice and chips

3 x 500ml of coke
2 x cup of tea
Cream slice


Fruit. Juice

Chicken salad

Turkey, chicken or fish with rice and roasted vegetables

He said: 'I like my nan’s bolognese; I like any food. I think that’s the problem.

'I do think my nan feeds me more than she should but I think that’s a granny thing, she wants to spoil me.'

Rob Gillett can be seen
battling his food addiction on the Channel 4 TV show Supersize v
Superskinny with the help of Dr Christian Jessen.

On the show Rob swap diets with foodaphobic Hayley Payne, 25, who weighs just 6st 12lbs.

huge fry-up for breakfast is replaced with two cups of tea. Instead of a
roast dinner he has a stick of salami and he has a lump of goat's
cheese rather than a large portion of Thai green curry.

'Eating Hayley’s diet did teach me that I don’t have to eat as much,' he said.

Jessen also reveals to Rob what goes into his favourite doughnuts –
whipping up 16litres of cream and jam along with 42 blocks of lard.

Gillett also travels to the U.S to meet a mother-of-two who weighs 41st
and must travel around in a wheelchair and be attached to a breathing
machine at night. He said the shock made him think seriously about
changing his ways.

After a couple of days at the food clinic Rob went home with a new 3,000 calorie eating plan.

He has now lost two stone and trimmed 10 inches off his stomach.

Rob has managed to lose 2st and shed 10inches from his waist since filming a Channel 4 show

Rob has managed to lose 2st and shed 10inches from his waist since filming a Channel 4 show

Rob said: 'I’m eating more fruit, more vegetables and I’ve cut out the rubbish, including cream cakes.

'I don’t miss them – I’m more active than I was. I’m swimming three times a week.

'I feel lighter and healthier and want to keep losing more.'

Supersize vs Superskinny is on Channel 4, tonight at 8pm