Robert Gibbs, 700-Pound Livermore Man, Becomes Viral Sensation After Plea For Help (VIDEO)

All Robert Gibbs wanted for his birthday was help losing weight.

The 700-pound Livermore man, who turned 23 on Friday, uploaded a video of himself on YouTube pleading for the assistance of anyone who would be willing. Gibbs, who has struggled with obesity since the age of four, said he has become a prisoner in his own body.


“I’m just trying to get some help from somebody,” he said in the video. “Nutritionist, personal trainer, Dr. Phil, ‘Biggest Loser,’ anything…get this to become one of the most watched videos ever. Eventually someone will see it, and then maybe I can get some help.”

And it looks like Gibbs’ birthday wish may come true. After his video garnered more than 200,000 views in 24 hours, he has received an outpouring of support from both professionals and well-wishers alike. A spokeswoman for the “Dr. Phil” show has reached out to the young man, as well as several alumni from “The Biggest Loser” and renowned weight-loss experts.

In the video, Gibbs explains that he has suffered from diabetes for several years and can only stand up for a few minutes at a time. He eats fast food to quell his addiction and save money, and he has been hospitalized twice.

Gibbs, who lives with his mother, sister, niece and nephew, expressed worry about being able to spend the future with his family. “This is my last chance, my last hope,” he said in the video. “I’m really scared I’m not going to be able to watch my niece and nephew grow up.”

“It really touched me when I heard the video that he wants to lose the weight because of his nephew and niece,” Gibbs’ sister, Nichole Gibbs, told the Contra Costa Times. “He wants to see them grow up and maybe have a family of his own.”

In an interview with CBS News, Gibbs said he was thrilled by the response his video has generated. “I’m getting the exposure I needed,” he said. “I better start getting ready for the tornado that’s about to become my life. I guess it is a good birthday for me.”

Take a look at Gibbs’ original video, followed by his appearance on CBS News, below: