Stepfather “handcuffs 9-year-old girl to radiator and cuts her with a machete because she”s not his biological child”

A Connecticut man regularly abused his nine-year-old stepdaughter – cutting her with a machete and handcuffing her to a radiator – because she was not his biological child, police said.

Craig Tracy Williams, 45, of New Haven, allegedly abused the girl for several years.

Then horrific case of abuse was revealed after the nine-year-old ran away from her home last Saturday and her family called police to reported her missing.

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Charged: Craig Williams allegedly abused his nine-year-old stepdaughter regularly over a number of years. He allegedly cut her with a machete and handcuffed her to a radiator – because she was not his biological child

Police reported to Williams” home where he gave them this statement about his missing stepdaughter: “She needs to learn to take her ******* punishment. We are not the type of parents to touch our kids…she doesn”t ******* listen…There is something wrong with her, she needs a psychiatrist.”

After receiving a phone call from concerned passers-by, police found the girl in a park around 1pm Saturday afternoon with bruises and scars all over her body.

After finding the girl covered in injuries, including a cut forehead and bruised face, police returned to Williams’ home; they found it empty.

Cell phone activity led officers to Williams, his wife and the rest of their children, at a nearby gas station. The family were planning on skipping town while the nine-year-old girl was in hospital, police said.

The young victim initially told police that her step-brothers had beaten her up but later confessed to police that it was her stepfather, who had trained her to lie about her injuries, reported

The girl told police that Williams abused her because she was not his biological child, explaining that he didn’t beat his four biological children.


House of horrors: The nine-year-old girl was allegedly hit round the head with a baseball bat, slashed with a machete and punched by her stepfather at this home in New Haven

When asked about the scars on her body, the girl pointed to one on her chest and said that was where her stepfather used a ‘little knife’ and said a scar on her back was where he used a ‘big knife,’ police said.

The girl also told police that she had been handcuffed to a radiator by her ankles and wrists, been bitten, hit with various weapons, including a baseball bat, a flashlight and a leather belt.

She had allegedly also been slammed to the ground causing her hip to break. The girl has been taken into care.


Escaped: The horrific case of abuse came to light on Saturday after the girl ran away from home and her parents reported her missing; police later found the girl covered in scars and bruises

Assistant New Haven Police Chief Archie Generoso said the girl’s suffering was “the worst case of child abuse I’ve ever seen.”

Handcuffs and a machete were seized from Williams home after his arrest.

Williams was charged with second-degree assault and risk of injury to a minor on Monday. He is being held on a $500,000 bond and may face additional charges as police continue their investigation.

He is set to appear in court on September 28. The girl’s mother has not been charged, although police confirmed that she saw some of the abuse.

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Man charged with beating stepdaughter