A trip to a spa, a day at the seaside and being a bride for a day: The modest but heartbreaking final wishes of the 21-year-old dying from cancer
Stephanie Knight was diagnosed with a rare cancer when she was just 17Told her condition was terminal on New Year's Day 2012Has now drawn up a bucket list – including a having a hen do, being a bride for the day and number of wishes for her beloved friends and family

but this time it failed to work.

In October last year she had her right leg and part of her pelvis removed but after the surgery doctors found the cancer has returned to her stump.

Two previously benign tumours in her lungs had also grown nearly an inch each.

On New Years Day doctors told her and her family they would not be able to save her life and could only now try to prolong it as much as possible.

Rachel said: 'New Years' Day was awful. The doctors said Steph would never be free of the cancer, but they would manage it as best they could.

'They told us the cancer had returned to her amputated stump and chest and lung area.

'Then 10 days later a consultant confirmed the cancer was terminal but they would do what they could to keep her with us for as long as possible.'

Stephanie with a new relation: She was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 17

Stephanie with a new relation: She was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 17

Terminal cancer victim Steph Knight

Terminal cancer victim Steph Knight

Stephanie lost her leg to cancer in October last year (right). But after the surgery they found the cancer had returned to her stump

VIDEO 'One day never seems to come otherwise'. Brave Steph explains her bucket list plans

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Stephanie has had another round of
chemotherapy and is due to have two more in the next three months in an
attempt to prolong her life. She was given a nerve blocking treatment this week, which has taken away the pain from her stump and will hopefully enable her to attempt some of her bucket list wishes.

She was inspired to draw up the bucket list by friends at the Teenage Cancer Trust Unit at Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge.

Rachel, who is a mother-of-three, said: 'She has spent so much time in hospital and she feels that she has wasted it. She is determined not to waste any more time.'

To go on a holiday with all my family – where we can all be together and be alone – with dogsGo to the sea side – 2p machines with friends and family esp Nieces and nephewsTo jump out of an aeroplane strapped to an instructorComplete my childcare qualificationTo laugh until I cry or my body hurtsWatching the sunset in the most beautiful of placesToo watch Britain got talent and meet Amanda again
Steph would love to to meet Gary Barlow or Robbie Williams and wants her sister to share the treat

Steph would love to to meet Gary Barlow or Robbie Williams and wants her sister to share the treat

Too have spa days and a girls spa weekendTo have a hen nightTo make someone’s cancer experience slightly happier to get throughTake my sister niece and mum to see Wicked at the theatreBig shopping spreeAfternoon teaCocktail nightsTo get my sister to be able to meet Gary Barlow or Robbie WilliamsMake full use of cinema card (stop wasting money lol)'Normal' drunken night at the pubFireworksTo be able to drive againBe able to go to workTo meet Dynamo (the street magician)
ConcertsToo have a shopping centre all too our selves me – the family – and friendsPosh sleep over – big house – catered food – cinema room – beautician – comfy beds lolComedy night – Russell Howard would be greatTo learn to sword corkSpend a stress free family dayTo eat really lovely foodWalk the dogs – dogs need training (HELP)All inclusive 5* HolidayOPI nail varnish all different colours and shades and files – really too have the ultimate nail kitToo meet Kate & Prince WilliamFor me and my dad to meet the Manchester united teamFor me, my brother, brother-in-law and sister to meet the Tottenham hotspur teamTake to many movies and laugh a lot

Stephanie also plans to set up a local charity named Steph's Wishes to help teenagers suffering from cancer by providing essential equipment for rehabilitation.

She has already helped to raise more than 40,000 for the Teenage Cancer Trust since 2009 – the charity which funded Ward C9 at Addenbrooke's Hospital.

Rachel said: 'We are determined to fight it for as long as we can and to help her do all the things she wants to do.'

For more information about Steph and her charity visit www.stephknight.co.uk