E numbers still found in young children"s medicines can trigger hyperactivity

E numbers still found in young children's medicines can trigger hyperactivity Drugs such as banana-flavoured penicillin can contain themUK's food watchdog only implemented voluntary banMost complied but some still put them in medicines By Jo Macfarlane PUBLISHED: 00:19 GMT, 6 January 2013 | UPDATED: 00:20 GMT, 6 January 2013 E number which can cause hyperactivity in children is still being found in common medicines Children are being exposed to banned artificial food colourings that can trigger hyperactivity –because they are still in medicines prescribed by GPs.

Three-legged miniature donkey runs for the first time thanks to specially-made prosthetic limb

No more wonky donkey: New prosthetic limb helps three-legged Emma run for the first timeEmma the miniature donkey was born with a deformed leg which had to be amputatedThe artificial leg is one of the first to be created by equine surgeonsIt could spark the start of prosthetic limbs becoming available for all horses | UPDATED: 16:14 GMT, 1 October 2012 A miniature donkey, born with a deformed leg, is thriving after being fitted with one of the first prosthetic limbs to be created by equine surgeons.

Former fire-fighter first man to live without a pulse for SIX MONTHS thanks to revolutionary artificial heart

Former fire-fighter first man to live without a pulse for SIX MONTHS thanks to revolutionary artificial heart Father-of-one is only man in the world to have two artificial pumps working side by side instead of a heartHe had the transplant after he was diagnosed with a tumour growing inside his heart The continuous-flow devices mean Mr Halik has no pulseMr Halik is still in hospital but can get around in a wheelchair He hopes to receive a donor heart within the next few months | UPDATED: 12:58 GMT, 2 October 2012 Jakub Halik must carry a battery that supplies the pumps with him everywhere he goes A 37-year-old Czech fireman says he is able to live 'like a healthy man', after having his heart removed and replaced by mechanical pumps six month ago.

UK alert over Sars copycat virus as man fights for his life in London hospital

Man, 49, fighting deadly Sars copycat virus is attached to artificial lung at specialist London hospital Patient held in quarantine after infected by 'new' strainHospital following strict infection prevention proceduresMan became ill in Qatar but had recently travelled to Saudi ArabiaHe was allowed to fly into the UK on private jet to private hospital but was only diagnosed with the virus once he had entered the country Qatari man moved to NHS hospital when his condition worsenedOnly one other man in the world has been infected with SARS-like virusMan in Saudi Arabia died after contracting the virus three months agoPossible small number of other cases are 'being investigated' | UPDATED: 16:48 GMT, 25 September 2012 A man fighting a Sars-like virus in a British hospital has been connected to an artificial lung to keep him alive.

Beltsville Agricultural Research Center: Scientists preserve and capture microscopic side of snowflakes

The secrets of snowflakes: Scientists capture incredible close-ups of ice crystals (but they had to freeze the microscope to -170C to get the shots)Hydrologists study the snowflakes” composition to understand their effects on ecosystemNaturally occurring snowflakes are collected outside Maryland research center and shipped in .Photographed using a specialized microscope whose viewing stage is chilled to -170C, scientists in Maryland are showing a whole new side to what”s caught on the tip of our tongues.

Light Adjustable Lens: How eye implants can be finely-tuned to give patients perfect vision

My adjustable lens means I can see in HD: How a revolutionary operation gave one spectacle-wearer perfect vision | UPDATED: 21:00 GMT, 11 August 2012 Two years ago, Antonia, Lady Riley couldn’t function without her spectacles.

Why raisins are "just as good as energy bars" at keeping you going during a workout

Raisin' a sweat Why dried grapes are 'just as good as energy bars' at keeping you going during a workout | UPDATED: 08:59 GMT, 26 July 2012 With Olympic coverage hogging the TV schedules over the next fortnight, viewers might be tempted to reach for energy bars in pursuit of a more healthy lifestyle.

First pictures of child who suffered 80% burns recovering after revolutionary "grown skin" grafts

First pictures of child who suffered 80% burns recovering after revolutionary ‘grown skin’ graftsDoctors did not expect little Isabella ‘Pippie’ Kruger to survive after the horrific accident at a family barbecue in Johannesburg, South AfricaShe underwent a groundbreaking operation

Heart transplant girl, 1, returns home after four months being kept alive on mechanical hearts

Transplant girl, 1, returns home after four months being kept alive on series of mechanical heartsHeart stopped day after operation and she went into cardiac arrestLlana Qazi had to stay in hospital for another three monthsShe spent her first birthday in isolation | UPDATED: 12:52 GMT, 6 June 2012 A baby girl who waited months for a heart transplant has finally been allowed to return home.