Richard Eggers, 68, fired from Wells Fargo bank for “stealing” TEN CENTS when he was a TEENAGER

A 68-year-old bank employee fired for “stealing” TEN CENTS from a laundromat when he was a TEENAGER Richard Eggers, 68, tried to use a cardboard dime to get a free load of laundry back in 1963 when he was 19-years-oldA sheriff caught him and charged the teen with fraudHe, like many others, has now been fired from his job at Wells Fargo from the indiscretion that took place nearly a half century ago

Canada’s new $20 dollar bill has “naked women and the Twin Towers on it”

“Three topless women and the Twin Towers”: Canadians baffled by picture of WWI memorial on their new $20 dollar billBanknote shows the Vimy Memorial – a statue in France representing the bravery and sacrifice of Canadian soldiers in the First World WarConcern from focus groups during 5-year consultation over design