Student, 20, who was hours from death after developing huge brain tumour survives thanks to a ROLLERCOASTER RIDE

Student, 20, who was hours from death because of huge brain tumour is saved by ride on a ROLLERCOASTERTumour diagnosed when she was 12 – after it had grown to size of satsumaShe had been to Thorpe Park in Surrey the weekend beforeHanging upside down caused fluid on her brain to spread out, easing the pressure that could have killed herDoctors thought surgery might leave her in a vegetative stateShe had to relearn how to walk, talk and eat | UPDATED: 00:43 GMT, 7 June 2012 Hours from death with a brain tumour, Emma Bassett went on a rollercoaster ride – and it saved her life.

Pregnant mother was so worried about getting fat, she became anorexic

The 'pregorexic' mother whose weight plummeted to FOUR STONE because she was so worried about getting fat during pregnancyKaty Bassett had to be tube-fed while she was pregnant At 30 weeks she developed a life-threatening infection in her feeding tube, and doctors were forced to deliver baby Evan early via caesareanShe was too frail to care for him until he was 14 months oldAs a teenager she had suffered from anorexia Having battled with teenage anorexia that doctors feared had left her infertile, Katy Bassett was delighted when she became pregnant at the age of 27.