Brothers Matthew and Michael Clark are real-life "Benjamin Buttons": A rare genetic condition is making them slowly regress into a…

At home with the real-life Benjamin Buttons: The once-married, middle-aged brothers forced to live with their parents as they slowly regress into a child-like state | UPDATED: 23:33 GMT, 4 May 2012 Giggling mischievously and poking out his tongue at his younger brother, Michael Clark hides a Mr Potato Head toy behind the living-room curtains.

Tragic brothers, 39 and 42, suffering from "Benjamin Button syndrome" have regressed to the age of 10

Tantrums and tragedy: Brothers, 39 and 42, suffering from 'Benjamin Button syndrome' regress to the age of 10Brothers have terminal leukodystrophy – it is so rare there are only 100 people affected in the whole of the UK | UPDATED: 13:46 GMT, 30 April 2012 Two brothers have developed an age-reversing disease, which has abruptly halted their adulthood and instead leaves them behaving like young children.

Vitamin D: One in four toddlers are deficient in key vitamin

One in four toddlers are lacking vitamin D and could face walking delays, warns expert Despite a recommendation that all children under five should take Vitamin D supplements, 74 per cent of parents know nothing about the guidelines A quarter of all toddlers in the UK are lacking Vitamin D, according to research.