11 NHS foundation trusts rated excellent are in deep financial difficulties

Eleven NHS foundation trusts rated 'excellent' are in deep financial difficultiesHead of the health regulator, Monitor reveals the eleven trusts would not achieve foundation trust status if they applied today Level of financial difficulty means trusts are in breach of the terms of their authorisationIf the trusts cannot afford the repayments, the bill will fall to the taxpayer | UPDATED: 16:48 GMT, 18 September 2012 Eleven NHS trusts judged to have achieved a standard of excellence would not attain the status if they applied for it today, MPs have been told.

Homeless former concert pianist who lived in car park’s garden is furious as authorities remove her shelter

Where now for the Rag Lady of Chiswick Ex-concert pianist who lives in a car park has the roof over her head taken away by the local councilAnne Naysmith, 75, has survived at side of station for the last decade Once tipped as star pianist but life collapsed after heartbreak in 1970sLived in her car for 20 years like Miss Shepherd in Alan Bennett play