Meet Brianna Minnich, the nine-year-old US girl who turns yellow when ill or angry

Nine-year-old who turns YELLOW with anger: Brianna must spend 12 hours a day under UV lights because of rare condition Brianna Minnich, nine, of Pennsylvania, suffers from Crigler-Najjar syndromeSpends every night beneath lights to battle disease, which affects 200 peopleHas high levels of bilirubin, a waste product from blood usually broken downEyes and skin turn yellow whenever she is ill, injured, stressed or arguing | UPDATED: 19:19 GMT, 14 October 2012 A nine-year-old girl suffering from an extremely rare liver condition which turns her skin and eyes yellow has to spend up to 12 hours every day under bright blue ultraviolet lights to stay healthy.

Light up my life: Brianna, nine, has to spend 12 hours every day under bright blue lamps to beat rare liver disease

Into the blue: Girl, 9, with rare liver disease has to sleep under bright lampsBrianna Minnich, from Whitehall, Pennsylvania, has Crigler-Najjar syndromeOnly around 200 patients in the world suffer from the rare diseaseIllness causes dangerously high levels of bilirubin – a waste product from the blood usually broken down the liver – that the UV rays help to lower | UPDATED: 16:07 GMT, 10 October 2012 A schoolgirl has to spend up to 12 hours a day under a bright blue ultra violet light to prevent her skin from turning yellow because of a rare liver condition.