Real-life cat burglar: Family pet “Dennis the Menace” has stolen hundreds of items from neighbours garden

Real-life cat burglar: Boxer shorts, slippers, thong and a dozen pairs of socks all among haul stolen by pet “Dennis the Menace”. Dennis pinches everything from towels to toys from his neighbours and carries or drags them home through his cat flapOwner Lesley Newman, 49, from Luton, has two boxes full of stolen items for neighbours to collect

“I aimed right for his heart”: Second World War veteran, 92, lays in wait for intruder and then coolly shoots him dead

“I aimed right for his heart”: WWII veteran, 92, tells how he lay in wait for intruder in his favorite chair then coolly shot him dead with his .22 rifleEarl Jones, 92, insists: “These people aren’t worth any more to me than a groundhog” Air Force vet shot intruder dead from his armchair This was the third time intruders have broken into his Kentucky home this year