Chemists are risking lives by "illegally selling addictive and dangerous prescription drugs", undercover expose reveals

Exposed: The pharmacists acting like 'small time drug pushers', selling addictive and dangerous pills illegally London chemists found to be selling antibiotics and drugs like Valium and opiates without a prescriptionResearchers also bought temazepam – a potentially lethal sleeping tablet if wrongly usedShadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham said high street pharmacists were 'acting like small time drug pushers’ | UPDATED: 17:41 GMT, 17 December 2012 Chemists are putting the lives of patients at risk by illegally selling addictive and dangerous prescription drugs, an investigation has revealed.

The Pill "should be given to girls of 13 without a prescription", report says

Girls aged 13 'should be given the contraceptive Pill from pharmacies without a prescription' claims NHS report | UPDATED: 00:20 GMT, 26 April 2012 Doctors said there were risks in prescribing contraceptives for the first time to young women without taking a full history Girls as young as 13 should be given the contraceptive Pill without having to see a doctor, according to an NHS report.