Woman undergoes "fecal matter transplant" to cure bacterial infection after mother "donates" one of her stools

Woman undergoes 'fecal matter transplant' to cure bacterial infectionKaitlin Hunter survived a car accident, only then to battle a bacterial infectionShe lost 40 pounds, as nine rounds of antibiotics failed to cure her Doctors carried out a fecal matter transplant to recolonize her colon with healthy bacteriaThe operation was a success and she is healthy once again | UPDATED: 06:17 GMT, 27 September 2012 A woman who survived a near-fatal car accident only to suffer a devastating bacterial infection in her colon has been cured after undergoing an unusual treatment known as a 'fecal matter transplant.' Kaitlin Hunter's life threatening infection was cured after fecal matter from her mother, including healthy bacteria, was transplanted into her colon.

Disinfectant that is harmless to humans but deadly to superbugs could become new weapon against hospital infections

Disinfectant harmless to humans could be latest weapon against hospital superbugs Scientists said Akwaton was non-irritable, odourless and effective at 'low concentrations' | UPDATED: 13:50 GMT, 8 August 2012 A disinfectant that is harmless to humans but deadly to superbugs is poised to become the latest weapon against hospital infections.