Dr Ellie Cannon"s guide on how to beat the back-to-school bugs

How to beat the back to school bugs: A guide on tackling the term-time ailments | UPDATED: 21:55 GMT, 8 September 2012 /09/08/article-2200274-14E86E6F000005DC-844_308x275.jpg” width=”308″ height=”275″ alt=”Lice are parasitic insects between 1mm and 3mm long that live on the head and feed on human blood” class=”blkBorder” /> WHAT ARE THE SYMPTOMS An itchy head – this may start three months after the initial infection of head lice.

Echinacea could trigger allergies in children under 12, warns UK drugs watchdog

Echinacea could trigger allergies in children under 12, UK drugs watchdog warns parents Herbal remedy could cause serious allergic reaction in children | UPDATED: 15:54 GMT, 20 August 2012 A popular herbal remedy used to ward off colds should not be given to children under 12, according to the UK drugs watchdog.

Parents who catch illnesses from their children cost the UK economy 17 billion a year and 190 million sick days

Coughing up for poorly parents: Mums and dads who catch colds from their offspring cost UK economy 17bn a year | UPDATED: 15:45 GMT, 29 March 2012 Poorly parents who pick up a cough or cold from their children take a staggering 190 million sick days a year at a cost of 17 billion to the UK economy.